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Honesty best with friend's awful man

Dear BedPost,

I absolutely hate my friend’s boyfriend. He is extremely rude to me and all of our friends, we have nothing in common with him and he makes no effort to befriend any of us. He’s always around and I’m starting to think I can no longer be friends with her if this continues.

What should I do?

Dear reader,

Ovaries before broveries.

I am a strong proponent of lady friendship, which is why your situation is troubling to me. We’ve all dealt with our fair share of our friends’ awful significant others and honestly, it’s just a part of life. You’re not going to like everyone your friends date. For example, I hate that Kanye is engaged to Kim, but I still love him. Praise Yeezus.

One thing you have to remember is people are not the relationships they have. She is still the friend that you no doubt have jammed out to Robyn with or shared an Applebees 2 for $10 meal with (seriously someone give me an endorsement deal) and it’s pretty silly to disregard an entire friendship because you and her boyfriend don’t share the same interests.

Again, communication is key. Talk to your friend about scheduling more time for the two of you and share your concerns. Then maybe figure out exactly why you and this man don’t see eye to eye. See if you can’t find some common ground.

Kristin Salaky is a junior studying journalism and culture editor for The Post.    

Do you have a shovel handy? Good, that’s all you need to make it through this. What? No no no, don’t hit him over the head; that’s a felony. I’m going to teach you how to dig a foxhole because you’re going to want to wait this one out.

Go out and find some soft earth and dig about a foot or two deep with a small ridge along the edge that you can hide behind facing the situation.

Once you’re hunkered down it’s all just a time game. You might want to invest in some snacks and bring a phone to order pizza in case you’re there for a while.

If this guy your friend is going out with is as bad as you say he is, there’s a good chance she’s going to realize that at some point, and hopefully soon. But there is certainly the possibility it won’t be soon and it’ll take this guy doing a few more crappy things to her friends.

You could also use your pizza phone to have a quick conversation with your friend about how her beau is garbage. You’ll definitely need her to come to the decision on her own, thus the hole. But it can’t hurt to nudge her on the way. Plus it’s going to rain soon, so she should hurry up.

Ian is a junior studying journalism. Need help digging your own foxhole? Email us at


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