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BedPost: Love cannot prosper amid mixed signals and confusion

Dear BedPost,

I’ve been seeing this girl for a while and I thought we were on track for a relationship. But, when I saw her out a few nights ago, she was with her friends and acted like I didn’t even exist. I’m not sure if she’s ashamed of me or doesn’t want to date me, but I’m just more confused than ever.


Dear reader,

As someone who likes cats, I am well acquainted with this type of loving and then ignoring relationship. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like someone you really like does not also think you are the bee’s knees. Except maybe trying to open a new DVD… that’s the worst.

Human relationships require care and support and for you to at least be OK with being seen with the other person in public. It sounds like you might not have that last part down… or you might be paranoid, but that’s an entirely different animal.

Perhaps make plans to meet this lady in public or let her know you’d like to meet her friends. If she says no, then you know that she thinks you are a gross monster and you should be locked up for eternity. Or she has her own issues and you’re fine and should find someone who thinks the sun shines out of your ass.


Kristin is a junior studying journalism and Culture Editor of The Post.


Much like the government lies to us about spying on our AOL chats or Alex Rodriguez lied about using steroids, women and men lie to each other.

I know exactly how you feel; you had some good times with this chick, and then when she’s around other people with you, she acts like she’s way too important for you. It’s the worst.

But there’s another girl out there who is way better than the one who just spurned you.

Sooner than you’ll probably expect, you’ll start talking with someone else. Then you’ll hang out a few times. Then, when it comes time to be with her and her friends, you’ll walk in and one of them will say “Oh, you must be Sven,” and you’ll say “Yeah, how’s it going,” or something like that. You’ll realize she had been talking about you and they all seem excited to meet you because she had said cool things because she does think you’re important, and you’ll be confused as to why you were ever upset about Denise. Or Diane. Wait, what was her name? Never mind, who cares?

Not everyone is like whatsherface. Someone will be more than happy to have you; don’t worry.


Ian is a junior studying journalism. Having problems finding someone to be seen in public with? Email us at


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