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Valentine's Day: don't be a 'hater'

In lieu of a question and in honor of Valentine’s Day this week, the BedPost columnists share their feelings — or lack thereof — about Valentine’s Day.

As irritating as storefronts and offices being draped in pink and red for months are, and as irritating as being single on a holiday that celebrates companionship can be, and as stupid as it is that we spend money on this day, there is something that annoys me more — Valentine’s Day haters.

We’ve all seen them, constantly posting those horribly unfunny Ecards about being single and dating pizza and shaming anyone who seems to enjoy the holiday. You people are the problem. Yeah, it’s consumerist and silly, but if you can’t even find it in your heart to use Feb. 14 as a way to remind those you love that you love them, I am sorry for you.

Valentine’s Day is also shadowed by a more important holiday on Feb. 13, Galentine’s Day. A day made popular by the show Parks & Recreation, but held in high esteem by me, I use Galentine’s Day to wine and dine with the lovely ladies in my life. Maybe try that instead of posting that tweet about how you’ll never find someone you like with a GIF of Jennifer Lawrence, you quirky, quirky girl.


Kristin is a junior studying journalism and the Culture Editor of The Post.

I just Googled “Is Valentine’s Day made up?” I honestly couldn’t remember if it was one of those days like Mother’s Day or Sweetest Day that greeting card companies invented to sell more rectangles with pleasant messages you couldn’t be bothered to come up with yourself. You bum.

I don’t dislike Valentine’s Day. I just don’t really care about it.

I have no Valentine’s memories. Ask me to describe my favorite one. I have no idea. I’ve had girlfriends on Valentine’s Days in the past, I just cannot recall what we did or if it was nice or bad.

I guess it can be all right if you make it all right. There are some solid candy selections in CVS right now. You could take someone to dinner or a movie. You might even get a kiss out of it.

Guess what other 364 days those pleasantries apply to?

Don’t wait until the 14th to do something nice for someone you care about. Also, don’t avoid doing romantic things on that date out of some phony anarchic protest against Hallmark. Hallmark already won; it doesn’t matter.

Ian is a junior studying journalism and a Slot Editor at The Post.

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