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Chipotle pushes tofu topping through deal

Chipotle offered a free entree Monday to anyone willing to try their newest tofu topping.

Tofu tasters crammed into the Athens Chipotle, 41 S. Court St., Monday to capitalize on what, for some, was an irresistible deal. 

Chipotle offered a free entree to any customer who purchased a burrito Monday topped with their recently unveiled Sofritas filler — a tofu-based ingredient braised with chipotle chilis, poblano peppers and “a blend of aromatic spices,” the company’s website reads.

The deal aimed to encourage habitual meat-eaters to give the restaurant’s vegan-friendly topping a try, said Chris Arnold, a spokesman with Chipotle, in an e-mail.

“We knew that it would appeal to vegetarian and vegan customers, but have seen other customers trying it — and enjoying it — too,” Arnold said. “Based on the response we’ve seen so far, we devised a promotion to encourage people to try it simply because we think it tastes great, and that others will too if they give it a shot.”

Cody Price, an Ohio University senior studying geographic information science, said he took the tofu-based bait because there was no way he could lose.

“I’m not usually a fan of tofu,” Price said. “The thought process is if I don’t like it, I’ll pass it off on my fiancé...I’m going to at least try it.”

Price said he would be cashing in on his free entree within the next few days, but admitted he would have skipped out on the deal if he had to stand in the cold — the line was within feet of the restaurant’s door when he arrived.

Lisa Griffith, a second-year graduate student studying social work, said she prefers Big Mamma’s Burritos to Chipotle, and added she had tried Sofritas before and wanted to take advantage of the promotion.

“I really like that it’s not fried,” Griffith, who is also a vegetarian, said. “I was pretty excited when I heard about (the deal).”

Griffith said she wished the line were a little shorter, and added she thinks the length of the line at Chipotle is “ridiculous” on a regular basis.

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