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Grant Stover

Nurturing OUr Nature: Responsibility is on us to make the changes we want to see

The 114th Congress of the United States began meeting last week and will continue to do so for the final two years of President Barack Obama’s second term. After the November elections, Republicans comprise the majority of both the Senate and House of Representatives, and they have already started pushing to pass a bill allowing the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Legislation failed to pass in the previous Congress.

In a White House press briefing last Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said “We promised — we indicated that the president would veto similar legislation that was being considered by the previous Congress, and our position on this hasn’t changed.” Why is a presidential veto necessary to block a bill that could harm the people and environment that it would intrude on?

The environment is not a party issue, but a moral one. Responsibility for what happens to this planet is on everyone, and right now, many elected officials are trying to push a bill that they believe would justify endangering part of our planet.

Perhaps the Keystone XL Pipeline really isn’t that dangerous, so what is the issue? The issue isn’t about whether this pipeline is safe or not, but the culture it creates.

It puts more money into using fossil fuels irresponsibly and justifies exploiting these fuels for economic growth of a dying industry. Abusing natural resources and the environment all living things depend on for personal profit is criminal and should be stopped by the federal government, who should serve the needs of the people. The new Congress is pushing for a bill to pass this pipeline, and it seems that many lawmakers are putting their own interests and political agendas ahead of what is good for the citizens and the environment we inhabit. The worst part is that we, the people, elected these officials.

It is time to stop worrying about political parties and where to place the blame for faults in our country. We should focus on how our actions right now will affect us in the future. No matter the issue, the citizens of our country need to stand up for our rights and who decides them. If Congress isn’t properly representing the people of this country, then it is up to us to let them know we will not be exploited.

Will the Keystone XL Pipeline signal the end of the world if constructed? I don’t think so. But it will further enable elected officials to exploit the citizens of this country and our earth. It is up to you to listen to what any person in power and of any party is really saying. There is strength in organized numbers, and it is time to take back the power of the people. Find out what steps are being taken in Athens for any issue you feel strongly about, and help make positive changes for us all.

Grant Stover is a sophomore studying English and a concerned environmentalist. Email him at

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