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Lower calorie drinks for Fest Season fun

Looking to avoid packing on the pounds without missing out on fests? Check out our first installment of #festseasontips about low-calorie drink options!

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Fest Season has officially commenced and that means less time for thinking about being healthy and more time for having fun. However, there are better options when it comes to choosing which alcoholic beverages to consume.

Whether or not you are diligent about tracking spirits, make sure you have a safe and fun fest season.

Here are 10 lower calorie drinks to keep in mind when it’s time to pour it up:


1. Natural Light: 95 calories | 12 oz.

Although it might not be the best bang for your buck, Natty Light actually lives up to its name. With 95 calories a can, you can consume one beer for less calories than a Milky Way.


via Tumblr user: amor-ivy

2. Smirnoff Vodka: 97 calories | 1 shot

The quintessential brand of vodka for college students contains less than 100 calories per shot, which means that you can have more than four of these before they add up to a BLT from West Green’s Hungry Cat food truck.


via Tumblr user aliensdancing

3. Rum and Diet Coke: 97.5 calories | 6 oz. (1.5 oz. rum and 4 oz. Diet Coke)

A simple deviation from the classic Rum and Coke cuts this drink’s calorie count in half. For those who like more traditional cocktails, but also watching their waistline, going diet on this one is an easy selection.


via Tumblr user moremoremmore


4. Vodka and Sprite Zero: 100 calories | 6 oz. (1.5 oz. vodka and 4.5 oz. Sprite Zero)

Even though you can put vodka in most juices for a delicious drink, most fruit juices are high in sugar. Swapping in Sprite Zero means you can still have a drink with some flavor, but not the calories from fructose syrup.


via Tumblr user dirtydollarbills


5. Bud Light: 110 calories | 12 oz.

This is a good choice if you don’t want to drink liquor during fest season, but also don’t want to work off a beer gut in Ping. At just over 100 calories a can, Bud Light can be a saving grace in the time of ever-tightening pants.


via Tumblr user likeacocainelion


6. Gin and diet tonic: 97 calories | 4.5 oz. (1.5 oz. gin and 3 oz tonic)

This drink is famous for both its low calorie count and its ability to taste like hairspray on ice. For those looking to even further cut unhealthiness out of the cocktail, diet tonic water is an actual thing, though no scientific evidence has studied its tastiness.


via Tumblr user theawkwardnessthatismylife

7. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer: 145 calories | 12 oz.

Hipsters rejoice! While PBR has the highest caloric count on this list, coming in at just under 150 calories, it still lands on the lower end of the spectrum which means it has a place in the fridges of Bobcats campuswide.


via Tumblr user heaping-cup-of-shut-up


8. Kamchatka: 103.5 calories | 1.5 oz shot

If you’re drinking this, you’re probably more concerned about your RA finding your bottle than you are with counting calories, but it turns out Kamchatka isn’t too bad for you. Even though it is just over 100 calories, your body might not necessarily thank you for choosing this, but your wallet sure will.

via Tumblr user linnzoidd

9. Barefoot Wine (White Zinfandel): 80 calories | 4 oz.

For the classier folks, Barefoot Wine is not only an affordable option, but a healthier one as well. White Zinfandel has the least calories out of the brand’s options. Most people are probably drinking more than 4 oz. though, so be careful if you’re counting calories and drinking this particular beverage because the numbers add up rather quickly.


via Tumblr user aaalaskayoung


10. Coors Light: 102 calories | 12 oz.

At a higher price than Natty Light, you’re paying for not only more alcohol volume, but also more calories. As with most drinks it depends on preference, but keep in mind the amount you’re spending and consuming.


via Tumblr user grunge-vision



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