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Former Ohio University president Roderick McDavis released a report of highlights from his time as president on Tuesday. The report detailed accomplishments such as increasing national prominence, diversity and strategic partnerships among other things. (FILE)

Miami-OU rivalry should be kept above the belt

An anonymous writer claiming to be a Miami University student wrote a blog post Monday for The Drunken Undergrad — a blog presumably dedicated to the drunken debauchery of Oxford — arguing that Ohio University students should be ashamed for celebrating Green Beer Day.

“Not sure why this act of unoriginality came as a surprise, nothing more should be expected from a university on the decline … Maybe next time you guys can hold a brainstorming session and come up with something that suits your style better, maybe something a little more trashy (Mill Fest, maybe?) We’ll forgive you this time and if you need help planning a rager that is on the level of Green Beer Day then I’ll have my people get in touch with your people, just email me the trailer number. Sincerely, The Concerned Students in Oxford,” the writer, aptly named collegeundergrad, wrote.

Although it would be easy to assume a writer whose previous posts included “The Official Frat Star Application” would be representative of the Oxford community, we hold our “rival” university to a higher standard than to base our opinion of its students off of the opinion of one who believed that the high poverty rate in Athens County is something worth making fun of.

Thankfully, an apparent Miami student posted a comment that helped us see the situation more clearly.

“I do not think there will ever be a Miami student who claims that this disgrace of a blog post represents Miami University well. Green Beer Day at Miami is a marvelous tradition and needs no explanation or defense. Anyone who has actually participated in the festivities as an upperclassman, and not just an underage sophomore/freshman drinking spiked green juice at a fraternity party would know that. As for Ohio University’s attempt to mimic our tradition, we’re flattered that you consider our legendary celebration worth copying. I mean no disrespect toward OU or its students in saying that you copied us. As for Drunken Undergrad, maybe you belong at a branch campus. I’m sure Hamilton or Middletown would enjoy your less intelligent humor,” wrote “Sipping Scotch Senior.”

The rivalry between OU and Miami is only brought to light a few times a year — when our athletic teams face one another or when students at one school claim to be better drunks than the other.

You guys and gals can get drunk; we can get drunk. People get arrested at Miami; people get arrested at OU. The “we can drink better” argument doesn’t get any less dumb as the years go on.

As for collegeundergrad, feel free to write us a letter and send it to our trailer:

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Or you can send us an email at (We aren’t even using dial-up!)

And please, have the decency to attach your real name.

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