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Cassie Fait

Tea proves healthier than coffee

Tea is good for the mind and body so you should drink it more often.

Normally, I am a huge proponent of coffee, be it a lavender latte, black coffee or cinnamon mocha. However, whenever I feel under the weather, I instantly switch to tea because of its many health benefits. Coffee possesses more caffeine and does not contain as many benefits as tea.

In fact, according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association, coffee contains twice as much caffeine as tea. High levels of caffeine disrupt the body’s productivity.

Various teas hold different properties that support a person’s mental and physical health. For that reason, choosing a cup of tea goes beyond just the flavor. Tea leaves benefit more than the tea drinker’s taste buds. Health experts at the UK Tea and Infusions Association recommend four cups of tea daily for optimal gains.

Benefit Breakdown

Ginger tea is fantastic for creating relief related to the stomach. This tea settles the stomach when discomfort occurs. Additionally, ginger tea eases the pain of cramps for women during menstruation.

Green tea contains an abundance of antioxidants. These antioxidants provide support to the immune system. People who are ill are encouraged to drink green tea to boost their immune system.

Popular in Ecuador, guayusa tea is described as a “superleaf” because of its health benefits. National Geographic reported that guayusa has twice as many antioxidants as green tea, which benefits the heart.

Both chamomile tea and mint provide feelings of relaxation and rest. Many stress reducing or “sleepy time” teas include chamomile and mint.

For a kickstart to mornings, black tea is the optimal choice because this type of tea is highly caffeinated. However, the level of caffeine depends on the maker of the tea.

Tea Time

To brew a tasty cup of tea, brew water at a boiling temperature to bring out the maximum flavor of the tea leaves. While certain pre-packaged bagged teas are tasty, loose-leaf tea usually maintains a better and fuller flavor. Loose-leaf tea has larger sized tea leaves and fresher quality which produces a higher quality cup of tea.  

Next time you’re feeling out of sorts, choose a cup of tea to give your body that much deserved repose. Not only does tea relax, but it will also give a boost to your body’s health.

Cassie Fait is a senior studying journalism and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Email her at

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