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Turn to mobile games for a fun change of pace

Sophie writes about two of her favorite mobile games

During my time writing Gamer Girl, one of my favorite topics to cover is mobile games. I’m addicted! I love trying out new games on my phone and finding some gems. Here are two that I’ve recently fallen in love with.

The first of my new addictions is AdVenture Capitalist. This is a nicer take on the clicker games — the ones where you rapidly click the screen to get money or points. You begin the game with a few dollars that allow you to buy a lemonade stand. You must keep pushing the lemonade stand button to make more money.

Eventually, you can buy many more types of businesses, including a newspaper delivery, pizza shop, bank or oilrig. The more businesses you have, the more perks you get. The goal is to own as many businesses and make as much money as you can.

The more businesses you own, the more your money will increase or the speed of the profit will double. Eventually, you can also purchase managers, which allow you to constantly earn money even when you aren’t actively playing the game. You start the game making a few dollars at a time, but you quickly work up to making thousands, millions and trillions at a time.

This game is perfect if you want a game that’s pretty darn addicting but doesn’t require your full attention. I find myself checking it frequently in order to purchase more stores (and in turn, make more money) but it doesn’t require the time commitment that games like Candy Crush Saga has.

The next game I can’t keep myself from playing is Bio Inc. This is completely different than AdVenture Capitalist but is equally addicting.

If you’ve ever played Plague, Inc., this game will ring some bells. Each level is a different character with different health attributes. You begin as an unhealthy smoker. As the game progresses, you collect Bio Points, which enables you to purchase diseases, risk factors or ways to lessen recovery.

The goal of the game is to make all of the body systems fail. I know that sounds totally creepy, but it’s a pretty interesting game that gets harder and harder through the levels. You have to strategically buy diseases and risk factors so that you wear down the systems but don’t have your character getting recovered to 100 percent.

There are a ton of games in the app store that are similar to this kind of concept. They’re perfect if you like strategy and don’t mind a creepy concept.


Sophie Kruse is a junior studying journalism. Email her at or find her on Twitter at @kruseco.

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