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Luke Furman

What is your green jamming to?

What kind of music would each of the greens listen to?

Personification is a common practice in all writing. I mean, how many times have you heard an English teacher say, “it’s almost as if the author uses the setting as a character!” So a lot of the time when I’m not thinking about how limited my future income will be, or listening to Kendrick’s new album, I often consider what the Ohio University greens would be like if they were people. Which ones would be cool? What kind of people would they hang out with? What would they have to say?

More importantly, what music would they listen to?

South Green is probably the easiest to determine. With students chilling on the lawn, smoking hookah and playing Frisbee surrounded by the catwalks and mods, it’s impossible to disagree that South Green has a laid-back vibe. All South Green wants to do is relax after long walks to and from class, and listen to a bit of Bob Marley before heading to Nelson for some Bamboo Bowl. South Green would definitely jam to reggae and chill rap.

East Green, on other hand, has a bit of a different vibe. With newer halls — some scholarship-based — and the outside atmosphere reminiscent of a European village, East exudes a scholarly and studious environment. If I were to guess what music the personified East Green would listen to, I would say 1960s French pop. The gentle female vocalists would provide the perfect soundtrack to late-night studying and calming trips to Shively. Indie folk would be a close second — great for sitting in the central courtyard between Tiffin and Gamertsfelder, discussing politics and egalitarianism.

Lastly, West Green would be massively into classic rock. Because of its open setup, West Green’s literal green provides the perfect venue for pick-up sports. Just like professional stadiums, West Green would jam out to all the usual crowd pleasers: AC/DC, Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, etc.

Although College Green only has one or two dorms, I’m positive that its iPod would have the Ohio University alma mater queued for constant replay.


Luke Furman is a freshman studying journalism. Email him at or find him on Twitter @LukeFurmanOU.

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