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Jessica Ensley - Columnist

You know what? The anti-feminists are right

Jessica has gotten quite a few responses to her column — some good and some bad. This is why all of the angry anti-feminists are “right”

To the people who get angry over my column and feminism in general, I’m here to tell you: you’re right. I am just some c--t who’s mad that I can’t get a man. I have Freudian penis envy and the only way I can get my frustrations out is through blaming men for my problems.

I should not even have been given the opportunity to have this column. Having a vagina between my legs is a full day’s work. In fact, no woman should have any sort of responsibility when she has genitals to attend to. Every time I write this weekly column, I am PMSing, angry at the fact that I have no chocolate, no baby and no equal pay.

I do want to take away the first amendment rights of white bros. By overhearing the loud, drunken conversation of transmisogynistic men and having an opinion about it, I was definitely infringing on their rights as Americans. Being in a public space, I should have covered my ears and sang Shania Twain in my head until the men were done being shitty. I forget that as women, we shouldn’t be listening to anything that isn’t coming from our fathers, brothers and other patriarchal leaders.

I am a sexist man-hater because reverse sexism is totally a thing. White men have absolutely no advantage over women except for salary, the ability to walk around freely wearing whatever they want and getting respect in general. Women should just stop complaining because besides the constant fear of being groped, raped or taken advantage of, we’ve got it pretty good.

When a fellow Bobcat told me I was unrapeable, I knew they had quite a point! I appreciated that wonderful critique that wasn’t at all horrific. Cheers to the “Bobcat family!” I was pleased to know there are still people on this campus who think that way. Now that sexism is dead, we can focus on other matters.

What about the men? There is a higher suicide rate for men and it’s all us feminists’ fault. Not that a patriarchal society tells men they don’t get to have feelings and thus can’t find an outlet to express themselves other than through anger. It’s the feminazis! A cause rooted in gaining equality for women and non-binary folks is exactly the same as genocide. Thank you for labeling us properly! The people who call feminists the correct name of “feminazi” are on the right side of history and not at all misogynistic, horrible people. When women talk about their personal experiences dealing with sexism, please interrupt and talk down to them. Let it be known that the male experience is the only one that matters. Since you don’t personally experience sexism, racism, classism, etc., it must not exist at all.

I just want to be controversial! Not try to provide a platform where women and other marginalized groups can feel they’re right to be angry at injustices done to them — not to ensure that these discussions continue on campus. All I really want is attention and seriously, can someone buy me some chocolate? I’m PMSing so hard right now.

Jessica Ensley is a senior studying journalism and an active member of F--kRapeCulture. Email her at

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