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Ying Yang Twins perform on South Beach for #TBT event

The Ying Yang Twins headlined for #TBT on South Beach, letting students let go and fall back into the 90’s for a couple of hours.

People were milling about eating cotton candy and sampling the other activities as they waited for the Ying Yang Twins at the #TBT Concert on South Beach.

The students took the throwback theme to heart, dressing in vintage shirts, fur vests and T-shirts advertising '90s movies and TV shows.

The event started at 5 p.m. with a Velcro wall, a dunk tank, a stunt jump and various activities as well as tables for airbrush tattoos and spin art. Only about 50 students walked around when the activities first began, but that number steadily grew to around 200 by the time the Ying Yang Twins were ready to take the stage.

Though a little cold and only a couple of days before some finals, students came out to bask in the nostalgia that the #TBT Concert provided.

Jennifer Waters, a freshman studying pre-med, was most excited to see the Ying Yang Twins and came to the concert.

“This isn’t even my childhood, this was definitely middle school,” said Waters of the Ying Yang Twins.

When the headlining duo graced the stage around 7:30 p.m., the crowd got decidedly more animated as small beach balls went flying over their heads, being tossed as much by the wind as the students.

“I say Ying, and you say Yang,” they called out to the students when they opened to try and get the students excited.

“It was pretty cool. We were really close to the front, and they were just crazy,” said Waters.

The sole reason she had come, she said, was to see the Ying Yang Twins perform.

Waters said she couldn’t begin to pick a favorite part, but she said she enjoyed the energy and feeling of the concert.

Though the Ying Yang Twins played songs like “Get Low,” which got the whole crowd dancing and singing along, many were very excited for “the classics.”

“‘Shake It Like a Salt Shaker’ was my favorite tonight,” said Imani Sellers, a sophomore studying pre-med biology.

The Ying Yang Twins danced on stage in an attempt to get the crowd to join in, leaning down and interacting with those who were in the front row.

“The dancing was great,” said Najiyyah Reese, a freshman studying biological sciences.

Although the Ying Yang Twins were great entertainment according to Reese and Waters, the main reason they came was for a chance to get away from the stress of their looming finals.

“It was pretty cool to just let free during finals week,” said Reese.

Both students said that they were happy to be in an environment designated for fun and relaxation.


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