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Need a textbook? Here's where to get it

We break down the different ways you can get the textbooks you need for classes

Local Renting and Buying Locations:



Renting is cheap, but the protocol is that you can’t highlight or write in them. There also is not an opportunity to sell it back. it’s usually just one fee for the rental, but it’s in good condition and for a decent price.

Places in Athens that rent

    • College Bookstore, 50 S. Court St.
    • Follett’s University Bookstore, 63 S. Court St. 

Renting available online


Buying a textbook usually comes in new/used form. Students who must buy new usually have to purchase the newest edition of a book, and there are not any used ones yet. If a textbook comes with an e-learning or online code, that usually means you will have to buy new. Buying used is usually the cheaper way out of retail, but looking at the condition is important for resale. is a great way to compare textbook prices. It’s like Expedia for books. Beware of used books that do come with online codes for e-learning programs.

Places in Athens to buy new/used

    • College Bookstore, 50 S. Court St.
    • Follett’s University Bookstore, 63 S. Court St.
    • Little Professor Book Center, 65 S. Court St.

Buying new/used online

    • Barnes and Noble Marketplace
    • Ohio University class
    • Facebook groups

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Going electronic by buying or renting e-books can cut a greater price off of a textbook, and you don’t have to pay for shipping. The downside with all e-books, is they can sometimes be hard to navigate back to a page if you did not earmark a page in the chapter. Some professors might prefer print over electronic if they don’t allow electronic devices in their class.

Who has ebooks

General textbook tips:

    • Take good care of your textbooks
    • Check Alden Library for books (it’s free)
    • Consider sharing or splitting the cost with a classmate
    • Ask around how other students did in the classes you are taking and if they used the frequently used the book


Student Response Systems or Clickers utilize class participation through polling the class on questions the professor puts on the projector screen. They’re neat because they can record attendance and you don’t actually have to raise your hand in class when the professor asks a question, and the professor can get a gauge of what everyone thinks.

Where can you get clickers?

    • Bobcat Depot on the first floor of Baker Center
      • $26 plus tax for a used clicker (buy used)
      • $36 plus tax for an LCD clicker
    • Use your phone as a clicker through
    • ResponseWare a yearly subscription with a free app for IOS and Android

Top hat is the same thing as a clicker, but is just an app. There are three ways to purchase, so ask upperclassmen in your major if they have had to use Top Hat in more than one class.

    • $24 per term
    • $36 annual
    • $72 lifetime
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