The LGBT Center will gather on Walter Hall’s lawn Saturday for a potluck-style picnic with the community


The Ohio University LGBT Center is celebrating pride month a little late this year.

The center is holding an “Athens Pride” Picnic Saturday at 12 p.m. on Walter Hall’s lawn.

“It’s a belated pride event, but nonetheless, an opportunity to celebrate Pride Month and come together as a community,” Delfin Bautista, director of the LGBT center, said. “(We want to) build some of the connections between the university and the community for folks to know that there is a larger LGBTQA community not only on campus, but also off campus.”

The event isn’t exclusive to students. Community members, faculty and alumni are welcome to attend. The hope is not only to get freshmen involved, Bautista said, but also to gather people who are not aware of the LGBT Center.

“There are many incoming students who know that we’re here, and many who don’t know we’re here. That’s also true for (other) students,” Bautista said. “It’s an opportunity for folks to connect and come together.”

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The center asks that attendees use the Google document on the Facebook event page to sign up for food to bring. It is not an obligation, however, as the goal is for the event to be “potluck-style.”

“Folks don’t have to bring a dish for 50 people, but something to share with 10 or 12 people,” Bautista said.

As of Thursday, the Facebook event page had 10 people listed as “going,” but Bautista does not not have an estimate of how many people will come, given that community members are also invited.

“It could be 50. It could be 10. It could be 100,” Bautista said. “We’ll see what happens.”


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