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Lauren Bacho

Fully Focused: How to win at Tinder with some simple photo tips

 Columnist Lauren Bacho gives advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of pictures on Tinder profiles.


Since joining the Tinder world back in mid-July, I’ve seen a lot of really unfortunate profiles. It’s 2015. You would think that people’s photos would at least be in focus. Many of us have fancy iPhones with extremely nice cameras on them. The Apple website says the iPhone 6 camera has an 8MP iSight camera, which is pretty impressive for a phone. So, if you want to get more matches, you’re going to have to put some higher-quality photos on your profile. Too often I see people with extremely pixelated photos or ones that are completely out of focus. Do your Tinder profile, and your family, a favor and post some new photos on Facebook for the first time since high school.

The big no’s of Tinder: Don’t have pictures with your grandma; no pictures of you and your ex; don’t have a profile with only selfies. Remember, no poor-quality photos, don’t have only pictures of you with alcohol and, please, no repeat photos. You should have more than one photo and no pictures of your car. Don’t put a fake age on Tinder. These are things I see way too often on Tinder, and I have yet to understand why people do these things.

Your lead photo is critical. Don’t ever lead with a group photo, because I am going to assume you’re the least attractive. The first photo needs to just be a picture of yourself. Tinder is all about advertising yourself to the other attractive people out there. Why would you want your friends showing you up in the first photo?

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Group photos are a good addition later in your Tinder profile because people would like to see that you do have friends, but they need to know going into it which one you are. Photos of you and one other person are OK — but again, don’t lead with them. Limit your profile to only one group photo because people don’t really care how many friends you have. It’s just nice to see that you have some.

The key to Tinder is having a good ratio of images. You want to have some closer shots of your face, whether it’s a selfie or a picture of you and your friend, and you want to have some full body shots. Tinder is made for the shallow-minded. Your body type is important. People usually have a pretty clear idea of what kind of person they’re into, and you want people to know going into this exactly what you look like. Don’t try to catfish somebody. How awkward would it be going to meet up with someone and you're nothing like the photos you have on Tinder? You’re not going to get laid with that tactic.

Something I like to see in a Tinder profile is people doing something cool. Once you’ve hooked me on your lead photo, I want to see the exciting life you lead. My exciting photo is me koala-ing on a giant anchor in Scotland. Some of my favorites that I’ve seen include: Skydiving; riding a bike underwater; drinking PBR underwater; people doing flips; and of course, a picture of you with an animal will always score you points. So, whatever it is you do, make one of your friends with a cell phone take a picture of it and then put it on Tinder.

The last thing you need to perfect is your bio. Don’t put some random inspirational quote — this is Tinder, not Tumblr. I appreciate a little humor in bios since I never take Tinder very seriously. Use your bio as a way to put out there exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s really up to you to personalize your profile with your own humor. Be original.

Lauren Bacho is a sophomore studying photojournalism. What do you think of her Tinder tips? Find her on Twitter @Visual_Bacho or email her at

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