Week two of The Weekender: Jackie O's has a new beer, Leonardo DiCaprio is making a movie about The Ridges and Billy Milligan

Week Two

Welcome again to The Weekender, your one-stop-shop for all things happening in Athens this weekend. If you're bored, have an hour to kill or need a date idea for that special someone, this is where you need to be.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is making a movie about Billy Milligan, the first person to successfully use an insanity plea in court. You should care because Milligan spent a large amount of time in The Ridges being treated for Dissociative Identity Disorder. Our Managing Editor, Rebekah Barnes, wrote a story about the disorder, and its Athens-infused history. (Link to story

Weekender Stories:

Jackie O's has a new beer: Jackie O’s unveils its latest brew, Bourbon Barrel Champion Ground, a new stout with sweet flavorings and hints of coffee, vanilla and almond. (Link)

Casa is 30-years-old this year: Casa has always operated as a cooperative, also known as a co-op, which allows the employees to make decisions through a collective committee rather than having a boss or manager. The members are in charge. (Link)

Steampunk is coming to Athens: Art opening at ARTS/West hosts the ornery Steampunk September event. There will be vendors selling art and accessories including Uptown Costume & Dancewear. Occasional Chic and the Enchanted Emporium will have costume pieces and accessories. (Link)

Athens Eats!: The Athens Messenger plans on taking full advantage of the good weather Labor Day weekend by hosting a food-based block party, called Athens Eats!, in TailGreat Park. (Link)

Clubhouse at Jackie O's: Columbus-band Clubhouse is playing a show at Jackie O's Pub and Brewery on Thursday. (Link)

Calendar of Events:

Want to see a movie?

The Transporter Refueled, We Are Your Friends, A Walk in the Woods or Straight Outta Compton? Check out The Athena Grand or Movies 10 (Fun Barn) for showtimes.


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