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The band Love Alive will play a show at Casa Nueva with Clown Color Dance and Subterranean on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015. 

Love Alive returning to Athens to play at Casa Nueva

Love Alive will be performing this Friday at Casa Nueva this Friday as part of the “Clowin’ With ColorDance” show.

Columbus band Love Alive will make another one of its frequent stops in Athens to show off a new song and to bring excitement to southeast Ohio.

“I think that’s something we really love about Athens is that we know everybody down there loves to go see live music whether it’s us or another band,” •David Lurie, the band’s singer and one of two guitarists, said. “There always seems to be this huge collection of people that seem to really care about the music.”  

Love Alive will perform Friday at Casa Nueva as part of the “Clownin’ with ColorDance” show.

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The ColorDance Music and Arts Festival is in May, Lurie said, and highlights many local bands and talented groups.

The band’s name originated from the Jimi Hendrix song, “Message of Love.”

“Michael and I, when we started the band together, we listened to a lot of Jimi Hendrix and we were just listening to that song thinking this is the kind of music we want to make,” Lurie said.

Although the four-member band is based out of Columbus and started playing its first shows there, all four members were born and raised in Cleveland.

“Michael (Bohm) and I grew up together. We went to the same high school and started writing music together probably senior year which was like 2011,” Lurie said. “Then we officially started the band Love Alive just a little over two years ago and started playing shows in Columbus.”  

Although the four musicians draw inspiration from some of their favorite classics, the band mostly performs original music while throwing in a couple classic covers in its set.

“I would definitely say our favorite cover to perform, especially down in Athens is 'Johnny B. Goode,' which is a Chuck Berry tune. It’s really fun for us to play.”  

Athens will have the chance to hear a few of the band’s original tunes for the first time this weekend.

“We just started incorporating a lot new songs in the set … and this weekend will be the first time we played that one in Athens,” Lurie said.

Love Alive has two five-song EPs available online along with a single that was released three months ago called “I’m Still Here.”

“We’re hoping to get back in the studio early next year and release another EP or hopefully more of a full length thing — about eight songs in January or February,” Lurie said.

Love Alive plans to put on a high energy show this Friday for their return.  

“I’ve heard a lot about Casa Nueva but I’ve never gotten to play there before and I’ve heard that their stage set up is really interesting and conducive to people actually coming up and dancing. I think that that is a lot of fun when you can be in a band playing on stage with that,” bass player Chase Finley, said.

Finley recently joined Love Alive in September as its bass player.

With such a wide variety of bars in Columbus, Ohio State University can sometimes lose that “college town feel,” Lurie said.

“Athens I would say is the most unique, having played all over Ohio and a couple shows in Illinois, Athens is one of a kind without a doubt. ... People really care about live music.”



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