Taylor Allen Mills appeared in Athens County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty on all charges, including murder.

The Nelsonville man indicted on charges of murder pleaded not guilty in Athens County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, according to court documents. 

Taylor Allen Mills, 22, faces six felony charges in conjunction with the murder of Nelsonville bar owner Timothy Koeker, including aggravated murder, murder, involuntary manslaughter, carrying a concealed weapon, illegal possession of a firearm in a liquor permit premises and tampering with evidence. 

Mills was arraigned by Common Pleas Court Judge Pat Lang early Wednesday morning and was handed a $1 million bond.

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On Wednesday, Mills' lawyer, Andrew H. Stevenson, filed a motion with the court to prevent individuals involved with the investigation from talking to Mills about the case, including police, Athens County Sheriff's office employees, social workers and psychiatric clinic personnel, among others. The motion does allow Mills to speak with the aforementioned parties with Stevenson present, according to court documents.

Stevenson also filed for an extension on the trial time, according to court documents, waiving his right to a speedy trial.

Mills is scheduled to appear again in common pleas court on March 31 at 10 a.m., according to court documents.



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