OUPD had a relatively quiet week during spring break.

While Ohio University students were off-campus enjoying their spring breaks, the Ohio University Police Department enjoyed a relatively quiet week.


Throughout the week, OUPD fielded a total of 17 calls, eight of those being traffic stops and almost all of them concerning Bobcat Lane. OUPD’s bomb sniffing dogs, Alex and Brody, were kept busy with six bomb sweeps on their schedule, according to OUPD's call logs.

It wouldn’t be OU without public intoxication.

OUPD stumbled upon two incidents of public intoxication during the break.

Early Saturday morning, OUPD officers found an OU student sleeping off a hangover in the grass across the street from the Ohio University Credit Union on Shafer Street, according to an OUPD report.

When officers woke the student, he smelled of an intoxicating beverage, had slurred speech and was unable to stand without assistance.

Officers charged him with disorderly conduct by public intoxication.

The student was allowed to continue his nap at Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail, according to the report.

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Saturday morning church

While patrolling near Christ Lutheran Church on Mill Street, OUPD officers watched an OU student take a tumble behind the building Saturday at about 2:30 a.m.

The student slurred his speech, had bloodshot eyes and was not sure where he was, according to an OUPD report. Officers charged him with disorderly conduct by intoxication and brought him to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail to sober up.

OUPD also fielded one drug related incident over break.

You can’t trust people online

It’s frustrating to get ripped off when shopping online. An Athens resident was so frustrated that he got the Athens County Sheriff’s Office involved.

On Tuesday, the office received a call from a resident complaining that he had received a package from eBay that was empty. The man had been expecting an iPhone 6S, according to sheriff's office reports.

The matter was reported to eBay, which took over the investigation from there.


Wrong number

On Tuesday afternoon, sheriff’s office deputies responded to a 911 call in Chauncey.

When they arrived at the residence that the call came from, the homeowner told deputies that he or she was just having phone issues and hadn’t meant to call the department, according to a sheriff's office report.



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