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Stan Folder, head chef at Union Street Diner, loads plates onto a tray on Jan. 21, 2016. Union Street Diner is one of many restaurants that offer deals for students.

Get a cheap bite in Athens at one of these local eateries

Domino’s Pizza, Union Street Diner and Big Mamma's Burritos are some of the places people can go for cheap prices. 

It is every food lover’s fantasy to buy a meal that satisfies his or her taste buds for a low price.

Athens is host to a variety of food options, such as Union Street Diner, Big Mamma’s Burritos and Domino’s Pizza, that provide a good meal with a student discount or a cheap menu.

Phillip Black, a sophomore studying sport management, said the arrangement of low-price restaurants near campus can be a big draw for students.

“Court and State Street are made for college students who don’t have that much money,” Black said. “It definitely is a big plus that there is so much cheap food.”

A popular sit-down restaurant for Athens-area students is the Union Street Diner. The restaurant is known for its appetizers, breakfast and lunch entrees, which usually range from $6 to $8.

Jay Shapiro, a co-owner of Union Street Diner, said students involved in sports or attending the Athena Grand can earn discounts.

“We give discounts to anybody (that) we advertise with, such as the Copperheads,” Shapiro said. “If you have a ticket from the Athena Grand, you get 20 percent off or one can access coupons on”

Another popular hub for students is Big Mamma’s Burritos. Whether a student is coming in from a night out or is just in the mood for filling Mexican food, Big Mamma’s is an icon in Athens.

Big Mamma’s sells two sizes of burritos — a Baby, which is 12oz, for $3.99 and Regular Mamma, which 24oz, for $6.49. It also offers a Mega Mamma for $17.99 for some who is feeling extra hungry.

Evan Berryman, a freshman studying business administration, said Big Mamma’s has a variety of high-quality flavor options, which adds value to the low prices.

Big Mamma’s is cheap and awesome,” Berryman said. “They have cool burritos that have everything from eggs, bacon and tasty sauce.”

If students are craving pizza and pasta, Domino’s Pizza can help satisfy those requests without hurting one’s wallet. Domino’s also provides late-night delivery, so students do not have to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Aaron Wolfe, the manager of Domino’s pizza, said the variety of deals the establishment offers makes Domino’s a go-to restaurant.

“We have student specials that are the best in town,” Wolfe said. ”We have a carryout deal of a medium and large one-topping pizza for $6 and $9.99 respectively along with two large pizzas with one topping, breadsticks and a two liter for $21.99.”

Black said even though Athens offers a variety of low-price restaurant options, it is important for Ohio University newcomers to manage their money.

“Be smart about spending habits because even though it will be tempting with cheap prices, it’s sometimes more rewarding to save up,” he said. “There’s an intrinsic benefit you feel when you’re not spending too much money and living in your realm of expenditures.”

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Shapiro said discounts benefit the establishments by bringing in service during slow hours. The local restaurants also help cultivate relationships between the owners and the students, he added.

“I try to keep a good relationship with people and workers,” he said. “When you give discounts, it gets people in the door and servers make more money.”


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