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From left to right, Seth Archer, digital managing editor, Matt Ryan, creative director, Hayley Harding, assistant managing editor, Emma Ockerman, editor-in-chief, and Elizabeth Backo, managing editor

Meet 'The Post's' executive editors for the 2016-17 school year


Hello, all! I am Elizabeth Backo, the managing editor for The Post this year, but you can just call me Liz. My job is to make sure everything is running smoothly and our readers are getting the best content possible — both on web and in our weekly tabloid.

Previously, I spent many late nights at The Post uploading content to our website, writing music stories for the culture staff and copyediting a multitude of different articles. When I am not in the newsroom, I can be found consuming too much coffee with headphones in probably listing the most popular country music at the moment. And fun fact, I love calculus almost as much as I love puns.

I come from the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, which has a killer hockey team and many instagrammable spots. During the summer, I spent many hours running social media accounts, writing and attending cultural and food-focused events throughout the city for TABLE Magazine.

To all the freshmen and new incoming students out there, fall in love with being a Bobcat and embrace what it is like to be an Athenian. Go to class, ask stupid questions, join fun and crazy organizations (such as The Post) and enjoy it.


Yo, my name’s Seth Archer, and I’m the digital managing editor here at The Post. That is just a fancy way of saying I oversee our (brand new) website, social media, blogs and multimedia.

I ran away from my North Carolina home to come to school in Ohio, and have loved every minute of it so far, but my true home is in New York. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple summers there covering the financial markets for and Business Insider.

I started my career at The Post as a photographer, and I’ve spent time as a reporter on our campus staff. These days I focus entirely on all things internet, and am way too amused by bad memes, which I ask you to send to me on Twitter whenever possible.

If you’re a freshman on campus, I envy you. You have four years coming your way that are pretty much guaranteed to be a delight. My only advice is to find something you love doing, and stick with it. For me, it’s making cool internet things at The Post, but it’s different for everyone.

I’m also really excited for our newsletter, Post Haste, which will bring you all the best news on campus each morning, as well as the uptown drink specials, weather and hot takes from our reporters.


Hello hello! My name is Hayley Harding, and I’m the assistant managing editor for The Post this year. I do a lot of cool project-y things, and I’m always up to talk about maps and podcasts.

I’m from Nebraska (which, it turns out, is a real state and not just some sort of strange myth), but I’m thrilled to be coming into my third year here at OU. I study journalism and political science, and I am so, so pumped for this upcoming election. I’ve lived all over the country, I get too worked up over dogs and I have a beautiful and complex relationship with spreadsheets.

This year is my first at The Post. I’ve also worked cool places like The Denver Post, where I worked with its web team, and mental_floss, where I wrote about nifty things like proper hot dog etiquette and how a Lithuanian town crowned a most beautiful goat.

My advice to the freshmen out there (and everyone else too, for that matter) is to find something you really love and pursue it relentlessly. You may not find it right away — heck, you probably won't — but you should keep trying. There truly is something for everyone here at Ohio University; you just have to keep looking for it.

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