As a general rule, it’s important to branch out and introduce yourself to new experiences. Pet Instagram Review has failed to branch outside the realm of warm-blooded animals, but that’s about to change this week. You’ve seen plenty of puppies and furry animals, but a change of pace is much-needed.

This week’s review focuses on MacGyver, (@macgyverlizard), an Argentine red tegu who has more than 52,000 followers. He’s a big red lizard about the size of a small dog. Many of the posts on the account show him eating. He appears to like fruit and raw fish — a diverse palate for a lizard.

Tag someone who likes red dogs

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Quality of Pictures

The pictures and videos of MacGyver seem to be taken on a phone. He is a very big boy, and many of the posts show him being held by his owner. Unlike most other pet Instagrams, the owner of the animal in this case commonly makes appearances along with MacGyver. His owner can be seen holding him up like a big, red, scaly baby, cuddling with him on the couch and going for the walks in the city and in nature. He even has a leash. What a well-trained lizard.

This account is bizarre in the sense that you probably haven’t seen this type of lizard before, let alone a lizard wearing clothes and being photoshopped into memes.

Rate of Posts

The account promises a “daily dose of lizard cuteness” in the bio. The bio is wrong. You will not see posts on MacGyver’s account every day, but when you do it will probably take you by surprise. I’m sure MacGyver is very friendly and a good pet, but suddenly seeing him on your timeline can be jarring. Posts seem to be made about 3-5 times a week.

Hi there! I'm a lizard!

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Cuteness of Pet

MacGyver is very scary looking at first. Coupled with the image of him devouring raw meat in one gulp, I can see how some would write him off as a disgusting or gross lizard. However, I think over time one can come to appreciate MacGyver for his unique looks. He may not be the prettiest lizard, but he looks like a loyal friend who is always down to share a meal or go for a walk.

Rating: 4/5

Not having frequent enough posts dinged some points off for this one, but MacGyver is worth a follow. I think you’ll enjoy seeing how his life with his owner unfolds.


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