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Ex Post Facto: Ailes controversy sees some resolution; Mayor accused of abusing power following pool decision

That's it. Week four is finished. Over with. Done.

It was a busy one. Did you miss anything? Of course you did. Here are the news narratives you might've missed from week four:

Ailes no more 

The dust is settling now after President Roderick McDavis announced Monday night that former Fox chairman Roger Ailes' name would be removed from a wall near a WOUB newsroom. 

Ailes' name was removed from the wall before the meeting where the announcement took place. The university has since patched and repainted the wall.

Ohio University will return the $500,000 gift Ailes' gave to OU in exchange for the naming of the newsroom in 2007. 

"I believe this to be an appropriate decision that is in alignment with our principled beliefs as a university community," McDavis said in a statement.

Major national news outlets picked up the story, including CNN Money, Politico and NBC

More than 20 allegations of sexual harassment and a related $20 million settlement have upended Ailes' public persona in recent months. 

Pool parlance

On Monday, a fresh wrinkle emerged in the more-than yearlong struggle over the details of the construction of a new city pool.

One Athens resident, in a letter to city council read at a meeting Monday, accused Mayor Steve Patterson of "abuse of office" following the decision to build a new outdoor pool instead of an indoor one.

“This is no longer simply a matter about replacing a city pool … it is about the mayor’s willful and intentional subversion of Council and process, as well as deception of, if not disregard for, the electorate and general public,” Todd Swearingen wrote in his letter.

Patterson said he ruled out building an indoor pool because there is insufficient room in the budget.

Sook the other way

Construction of the Perry and Sandy Sook Academic Center, a proposed $6 million addition to Peden Stadium that will serve as a study center for student-athletes, doesn't yet have a start date.

But university officials have said design should be finished within the next year. Of the estimated $6 million cost, OU has actually received a little more than $2 million. As of June, about $3.6 million had been pledged, but is not in the university's possession. 

OU's "athletics reserves" will contribute about $352,000 to the project.

The Post got an OU student's take on the center:

“I don’t know what’s wrong with our library right now,” Andrea Koberlein, a junior studying environmental nutrition, said. "I don’t know why they deserve their own separate one."

That's no dope

Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle told The Post heroin laced with carfentanil, a powerful synthetic opioid linked to a spike in overdoses, is circulating in Athens. 

The National Institutes of Health's web page states that carfentanil is up to 10,000 times more potent than morphine.

The police chief had this to say about the drug: 

"Well, you know, what can we do about it?” Pyle said. “It’s coming from outside, we have clandestine drug investigations going on and all we can do is warn the public and prepare our officers."


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