Bowling Green has possibly the worst defense in college football. 

That's not a hyperbole or factually incorrect, either.

The Falcons are ranked last (128th) in points allowed this season at 49.8 points allowed per game. They rank 114th in rushing yards allowed per game with 227.2, and 124th in passing yards allowed per game at 314.2 per game. 

Finally, they rank 127th, with 541 yards allowed per game.

Simply put, this is not a good defense.


Using the same YouTube video as yesterday, I looked at Bowling Green's defense and why it allowed 77 points to Ohio State.

Ten of the Buckeye touchdowns were scored on offense. Six of those scores came from outside 20 yards. 

The Falcons have a tendency to allow big plays, as seen by the play at 1:20:32. 

Bowling Green runs a similar defense to what Miami ran last week, a defense that gave Ohio fits. The Falcons line up in a 4-3, but the linebacker is split out wide to cover the slot receiver, essentially making it a 4-2-5. The formation used by the Buckeyes is a similar formation to what the Bobcats run.

With the offset tight end behind the left tackle, the Falcons put the defensive tackle in a "3-technique," on the outside shoulder of the left guard. The end is outside the left tackle. 

Due to the running prowess of the Buckeyes, the linebackers take their read step forward, but have to wait for Barrett to pull the ball and drop back to pass. The RPOs, or run-pass-options, this weekend will be key for Ohio.

With Greg Windham running play action passes, that should slow the linebackers and safeties down enough to let deep balls rip to Sebastian Smith and Jordan Reid.

Barrett fires a corner route to the receiver, who is one-on-one. The receiver makes a good leaping catch and puts Ohio State up 28-10.


The Bobcats should have a field day against this defense. Giving up 77 points to Ohio State, the No. 2 team in the country, is one thing. But allowing 77 points to 3-1 Memphis is inexcusable. 

Ohio has the weapons needed to break down the Bowling Green defense, but the Bobcats will need to capitalize on opportunities.

If Windham is firing on all cylinders, the Bobcats might not only win. They might win pulling away.


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