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Mateo Galvano’s "Returners" is a mixed media art piece. Galvano will discuss his art in a "Noon Talk" on Friday. (PROVIDED VIA MATEO GALVANO) 

Noon Talk at Kennedy Museum of Art will discuss a large mixed media piece

Mateo Galvano’s work combines multiple mediums to create a visual piece that captivates the viewer.

Guest artist Galvano will give a “Noon Talk” on Friday at the Kennedy Museum of Art about his work "Returners."

“I look forward to talking about the work to ... a various, diverse audience that will include students, community people and colleges,” Galvano, an adjunct instructor at the School of Art and Design, said.

Galvano said his work is considered to be a sculpture, but is comprised of drawings, photos and paintings on paper, and then is arranged sculptural manner. The work hangs from the ceiling and goes all the way to the floor of the gallery.

“My work in general is an ongoing practice that discusses themes of the inner life, usually the work is reflecting some part of my thoughts and my ideas about life,” Galvano said. “I’m looking at abstract representations of unknown forces and energies that are behind and underneath what we normally see on the surface.”

Galvano said he looks forward to having the opportunity to talk about his work and the subtle qualities that may not be readily accessible to everyone. He will also be discussing the materials used, the medium and the conceptual background behind the piece.

“Art is being able to create something visually that speaks,” Lya Milek, a freshman studying studio art, said. “It’s a universal language.”

Galvano said art is a human endeavor that offers an alternative way to talk about things happening in life.

“As a visual artist, I’m making things that are outside of language, and then we use language to interpret it,” he said. “The reason I make work is all about a conversation with others.”

Galvano said "Returners" is a complicated art piece, and it still has components he is still trying to understand.

“The work made itself and it made me," Galvano said. "The work is my creator. The things we make reflect back on us and start to change us.”

Milek said when she’s creating something everything else melts away, and she likes getting caught up in art.

“It’s just what I’m putting on paper,” she said.

‘Returners’ is a very layered, complicated work, but is organized in such a way that it calms the viewer, Galvano said.

“There is a part of the sculpture that is a large drawing of these thin tendrils," Galvano said. "They describe the feeling of cosmic breath. Maybe there’s something that we’re reading through that.”

Galvano said it’s intriguing and satisfying to be involved in a show with other beautiful works.

“I’m thrilled to share the room with the work of Courtney Kessel and Alex Hibbit,” Galvano said. “It’s really exciting for me to see those works next to each other.”


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