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Julia Koehler, left, and Emily Weidig, right, dance at J Bar on Tuesday night as election results are released. (LIZ MOUGHON | PHOTO EDITOR)

Athens bar patrons surprised by 2016 election results

Some Ohio University students watched Donald Trump clinch the presidential race Tuesday night from the comfort of their beds.

Other students choose to watch the states turn blue and red while sipping on brews in bars Uptown.

“I’m ready to get patriotic,” Grant Clark, a sophomore studying political science, said.

By the early morning hours of Wednesday, Republican Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Many students seemed upset about the results, while many were pleased.

“I feel pretty great, but I’m very surprised” Ben Bryan, a sophomore studying education and a Trump supporter, said. “Social media predicted it to be different. If you looked at Twitter an hour before the election, it was a lot different.”

One feeling shared by both Trump and Clinton supporters was shock.

“Everyone said Clinton would win going into this,” Matthew Donahue, a freshman studying finance, said. “I was really confident going into it (Hillary would win).”

Donahue, a Clinton supporter, said Trump is “really scary” to him, and the president-elect has been “disrespectful to so many people.”

Lauren Elias, a sophomore studying business finance, said when she woke up Tuesday morning she felt “devastated” because she thought Trump would lose. But come early Wednesday morning, after Trump picked up a majority of electoral votes, she said she was feeling “phenomenal.”

Liam Perlstein, a sophomore studying music and a Clinton supporter, said he thought she “had it in the bag.”

Clark said he believes Trump as president could make substantial changes in America.

“Trump will rid abortion, create jobs for people and money would start trickling down,” Clark said. “The Clintons have always been under investigation.”

Corey Rex, a senior studying marketing, said Clinton’s results will allow to pay for a career of corruption for which she has escaped consequences.

“The majority of people from a group like Black Lives Matter are about equality and justice for America, yet she is a prime example of wealth and privilege,” Rex said. “If this were anyone else, they be in prison for their actions and crimes, which she has committed.”

Jayd Jones, a sophomore studying pre-pharmacy, said there may be hidden reasons to why the candidates haven’t been as transparent as critics would like.

“None of us are in their positions, we don’t know if they have to lie on purpose to save their jobs,” she said.

Charlie Gaede, a junior studying sports management, said he has a great amount of respect for current President Barack Obama, but selected Trump at the polls.

“I’d rather have four more years of Obama than four years of untrustworthy candidates,” Gaede said. “They both want to be president, but I can’t trust either of them. At least I trust Obama.”




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