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Pet Instagram Review: Bennie the golden retriever looks like he lives in a L.L. Bean advertisement

For some strange reason, Kiel James Patrick, a preppy jewelry and shoe designer from Rhode Island, has a golden retriever as a non-official face of his brand. He has been featured on the front page of his website, nearly jumping out of a preppy boat being driven by two preppy people.

Bennie, a golden retriever who lives in New England, is the star of this week’s review. Aside from the brand’s website, he can be found on Instagram on the account @puffinandbennie, with nearly 44,000 followers. He looks like a very good dog.

I think I like Fall best... there are toys for me to chase everywhere!

A photo posted by Bennie And The pets (@puffinandbennie) on

Quality of Pictures

This is a professional-quality pet Instagram. Shrouded in plaid blankets and sitting by lakes in the fall, Bennie looks like he was taken straight off the page of an L.L. Bean advertisement. The account features some truly stunning photographs, and it helps that Bennie is adorable and a great model. When he’s not riding on boats, he takes trips to the beach, poses on top of cars and eats ice cream. There are also plenty of pictures of him frolicking in fields, a welcome addition to any pet Instagram page. Before Bennie was featured on the page, it appears that the account was centered around a cat named Puffin. Enough scrolling will reveal the cat dressing up in Santa outfits, leather jackets and neck ties.

Rate of Posts

There appears to be a post on this account every day, with a few lapses every now and then. Regardless, you’ll see all the places this handsome dog goes, and the wonderful composition and editing should be more than enough for any follower.

Cuteness of Pet

It doesn’t get much better than a golden retriever puppy. The cozy pictures on this account coupled with an adorable dog are the perfect combination. Bennie is the type of dog who was born to be on advertisements, so it’s good to see he’s living out his life’s calling. He looks very soft and pet-able, and I’m very jealous of anyone who gets to hang out with this dog.

Rating: 5/5

This account has all the good components of a successful pet Instagram. The dog is photogenic, the photos are taken professionally and the scenery is beautiful. If you’re a connoisseur of high-end pet pages, this account is definitely for you.


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