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TV Review: The most pointless season of 'The Bachelor' continues despite naming next Bachelorette

When looking at all of the contestants at the beginning of each season of The Bachelor, a viewer can usually spot the frontrunners. It’s always the people who always get one-on-ones and the contestants who barely speak or are seen as villains are usually weeded out by week 5. However, Nick is further proving that he is the most unpredictable Bachelor as he picks his final four.

Also, a surprise announcement of the alleged next Bachelorette confuses fans who saw the contestant winning the show. Everything is going wrong with Nick’s season, and like a bad accident, viewers can’t help but to watch.

Let’s break down the pivotal episode before hometown dates of the Feb. 13 episode of The Bachelor.

Corinne Continues

Despite Corinne’s success this season, she has never had a one-on-one with Nick. Even this week, Danielle, Rachel and Vanessa all get to enjoy a second one-on-one with Nick while Corinne continues to be the “queen of group dates.” Well, she is fed up with it and wants to get some serious alone time with Nick. She probably figures if she’s going to go home this week, she wants to go out with a bang — literally.

“I know how to make a man feel good,” Corinne said. “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.” Oh no, this can’t end well.

She sneaks into Nick’s room and tries to hook up with him because she wasn’t getting enough attention. While this move would seem like a recipe for disaster, it doesn’t go too bad for Corinne as she somehow makes it to the final four even after Nick rejects her advances. It’s probably because he sees a little bit of himself in her — he did hook up with Kaitlyn before the fantasy suite during The Bachelorette. It takes one to know one!

The Frontrunner Goes Home

On paper, Danielle is the perfect Bachelor contestant. She’s sweet, pretty and caught Nick’s eye from the start. That was until the two actually get to talking.

During her one-on-one date this week, Nick realizes how hard it is for him to actually casually talk with Danielle. She’s awkward and the two obviously just don’t have chemistry, so Nick decides to send her home before the rose ceremony.

Danielle is shocked. She thought she was meant to be with Nick and is beside herself. Nick assures her that she’s great, but she responds by saying, “not great enough.” Ouch. I mean, at least Nick doesn’t make the losing contestants wait around all week to find out if they’re getting roses — he just sends them home immediately when he gets uncomfortable. He must just be sick of having to dress up for a rose ceremony because he seems to avoid them at all costs.

An Unexpected Bachelorette Announcement

Bachelor fans were shocked to find out today that one of their favorite contestants might be the next Bachelorette — while she is still competing for Nick’s heart on the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Rachel Lindsay will be ABC’s first black Bachelorette. If the news is true, it is without a doubt exciting. However, fans of the show were totally furious because Rachel is still in the top four on the show and has a real shot at winning the final rose. Seriously, the last thing Nick’s season needed was a spoiler. If it's true, can we just skip to Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, please?

Check out a few fan tweets below reacting to the news:

Three Hometown Dates?

Right before the rose ceremony at the end of the show, Nick decides to just tell Kristina she’s going home and save her the hassle of putting on a gown. Again, a nice gesture but very anticlimactic.

Now many fans are probably thinking they are finally going to see Raven’s small town and meet Corinne’s nanny on next week’s episode, but Nick likes to throw curveballs. In the teaser for next week’s episode, it seems like Nick might still send another women home and only visit three hometowns. Although it would save a lot of travel time and unnecessary small talk with relatives, Nick is taking over the show. He is doing things his way and Bachelor fans are not used to it. Fingers crossed viewers do get to meet Raquel, Corinne’s nanny, next week. She will save the sinking ship that is Nick’s season of The Bachelor.


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