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Posties makes predictions for the 2017 Oscars

Best Picture



Hacksaw Ridge

Hell or High Water

Hidden Figures

La La Land


Manchester by the Sea


Who we want to win

Georgia: I would love to see Manchester by the Sea win. I loved the story, the characters, the production — the whole shebang.

Marisa: I like parts in Lion, but unfortunately I can’t ship it as an overall best picture. The simple answer seems like La La Land, but it is not the most impactful one.

Matt: While I know it is highly unlikely, I would be very excited if Manchester by the Sea won. The acting was great. The story was powerful and emotional. And it was the first movie I’ve seen in a long time that had an ending that was actually realistic.

Rebekah: Moonlight. Moonlight. Moonlight. Go see it.

Who we think will win

Georgia: As much as I hate to say it, La La Land will take this one. I always root for the underdog, but in this case, La La Land is going to win. It was a phenomenal film, and I liked it a lot more than I anticipated.

Marisa: I feel like all my best picture guesses are irrelevant ever since Spotlight was the upset and won last year.

Jonny: If La La Land doesn’t win, let’s just say I’m going to be a very poor man

Matt: I think La La Land will take this one, and deserves it. While I think Moonlight (which is likely the only strong contender against La La Land) was a solid film with a strong message, the weak third act left me feeling let down and unfulfilled.

Rebekah: I’m sorry, Matt, but a film that is able to successfully tackle the intersectionality of masculinity, sexuality, race and socioeconomics I think will — and should — win. (Psst, I’m not talking about La La Land).

Best Director

Denis Villeneuve, Arrival

Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge

Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea

Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

Who we want to win

Georgia: Damien Chazelle. La La Land is, for a lack of better word, clever. Chazelle is pretty deserving of the award. That being said, Best Director is a tough category. In my experiences, the director of Best Picture usually doesn’t win in the Best Director category. This category will be very interesting and probably determine who wins the top award of the night.

Marisa: Damien Chazelle. He made my dreams come true and gave me a wonderful musical movie even if he had to create one from scratch.

Jonny: I’ve been a big Damien Chazelle Fan ever since Whiplash. It’d be pretty cool to see him win a directing Oscar at such a young age.

Matt: As long as it’s not Mel, I’m good.

Rebekah: Damien, because he made and executed a film where any actor could have slipped in the place of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and it wouldn’t have changed the film. It’s why I voted for Alejandro Iñárritu last year.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Because La La Land is the favorite to win Best Picture, I don’t think the Academy is going to give this award to Chazelle. This one will go to Barry Jenkins, who will become the first black person to win in the category, which would be monumental.

Marisa: Yes, Barry Jenkins would be the first black person to win Best Director, but Chazelle is more deserving. For how many disappointing musical adaptations I have sat through, it’s about time someone understood that creating a musical as a movie is the only way to give homage to old Hollywood.

Jonny: The Academy has a “thing” where they award Best Director and Best Picture to separate movies, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Barry Jenkins squeak out a win here.

Matt: Damien Chazelle. I think it’s going to be a situation where he’s going to win it all or not at all in the best picture/director categories. If he doesn’t take it, Barry Jenkins (and Moonlight) will take Best Picture.

Rebekah: Ditto to Matt.

Best Actor

Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea.

Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge

Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic

Denzel Washington, Fences

Who we want to win

Georgia: Casey Affleck. His humor and mannerisms in Manchester by the Sea were great. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Marisa: CASEY

Jonny: Casey Affleck was so good, but so was Denzel Washington. I’ll say Denzel, just because he’s the underdog

Matt: Casey Affleck. He made me cry.

Rebekah: Casey or Ryan. Casey for the acting. Ryan for the piano.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Denzel Washington. Even though Affleck has won a lot of awards at festivals for his performance, Washington won the Screen Actor’s Guild award, which is why he will take home the Oscar.

Marisa: I’m going to say Ryan Gosling. He learned piano…

Jonny: Casey Affleck will win his first Oscar. He deserves it for his performance in Manchester by the Sea.

Matt: Casey Affleck. Yes, Denzel was strong in his role and is a strong runner up, but I think Casey will edge him out in the end.

Rebekah: I think it’ll be Casey, but I think it’s between him and Denzel. I also love the fact that it’s between an actor that barely said anything for the entire movie and the another who had an entire play to recite.

Best Actress

Isabelle Huppert, Elle

Ruth Negga, Loving

Natalie Portman, Jackie

Emma Stone, La La Land

Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins

Who we want to win

Georgia: Isabelle Huppert. I would love to see an actress in a foreign language film win. Ruth Negga would also be a great win, but, sadly, doubtful. Amy Adams deserved a nod in this category instead of Streep. I enjoyed Florence Foster Jenkins, but I don’t think she deserved the nomination.

Marisa: First, why is Meryl Streep a thing? I would love for Ruth Negga to win.

Jonny: I’m gonna mix it up and say Natalie Portman. I love her, I love Jackie O, and no one is expecting her to win. On a side note, I still don’t get the Meryl Streep nod here.

Matt: While most of the time I’d want Meryl Streep to win, I have no idea why she was nominated for this role. I think Ruth Negga is very deserving, as well as Isabelle Huppert.

Rebekah: I want Meryl purely to watch another one of her speeches. But Isabella.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Huppert. She won the Golden Globe, which is why I think she will win.

Marisa: Emma Stone’s tap shoes alone will win. Also her singing and dancing, and superb acting strength.

Jonny: Emma Stone has a tad more momentum than Huppert, so she’ll take this one.

Matt: A tough call. In the beginning, Natalie Portman was getting all the buzz. Then after the Globes it was Huppert and now it’s Emma Stone. I think Huppert’s dramatic role might help her edge out her competition.

Rebekah: Emma Stone.

Best Supporting Actor

Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water

Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea

Dev Patel, Lion

Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals

Who we want to win

Georgia: Lucas Hedges was great in Manchester by the Sea. I loved the scene where he cried after food fell out of the freezer. I laughed a lot during that scene. He balanced his character’s emotions so well in the movie.

Marisa: I weirdly like Jeff Bridges. I think he had a great performance over most actors.

Jonny: Mahershala Ali was easily the best part of Moonlight, so hopefully he wins.

Matt: Loved Lucas Hedges. For once a teenage actor who can really act.

Rebekah: Lucas. He was a gem.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Mahershala Ali is definitely the favorite in this category, and it’s deserving. I am just upset he wasn’t in Moonlight more.

Marisa: Mahershala Ali. His presence speaks volumes for a supporting role even though he did not have many speaking parts, ironically.

Jonny: I don’t need to hope. Ali is going to win.

Matt: Mahershala will probably snag this one given his strong track record this awards season. But I could see Jeff Bridges coming in with an upset.

Rebekah: Ali. I think he also was magnificent in his role.

Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis, Fences

Naomie Harris, Moonlight

Nicole Kidman, Lion

Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures

Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea

Who we want to win

Georgia: Viola Davis. She is a very beautiful human being.

Marisa: Let’s be honest: Nicole Kidman got a nod for dying her hair.

Jonny: I’m a big Viola Davis fan, and she deserves to win for Fences.

Matt: I’d be completely happy with Michelle or Viola. They both gave beautiful and heart-wrenching performances, and are long overdue for an oscar.

Rebekah: VIOLA. That scene when she was screaming at Denzel and she was ugly crying and had snot all down her face was BEAUTIFUL.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Viola Davis.

Marisa: I feel like the three acts of Moonlight did not do its nominations justice. However, I could see Naomie Harris getting it, because she was in all three of them, unlike Ali.

Jonny: Viola Davis will win her an Oscar on Sunday

Matt: Viola Davis will win a long overdue Oscar on Sunday.

Rebekah: VIOLA.

Best Cinematography

Arrival, Bradford Young

La La Land, Linus Sandgren

Lion, Greig Fraser

Moonlight, James Laxton

Silence, Rodrigo Prieto

Who we want to win

Georgia: I really liked the frames in La La Land, so I would like to see it win.

Marisa: La La Land. THE COLORS.

Jonny: Hmm... I’ll say La La Land because of the cinematography of the opening number.

Matt: La La Land. So well done.

Rebekah: That pool scene. Come onnnnnnnnn. Those colors. Come ONNNNNN.

Who we think will win

Georgia: La La Land.

Marisa: La La Land. Did I mention the colors?

Jonny: La La Land.

Matt: La La Land. Like Marisa said, the colors.

Rebekah: The Colors: The Movie Formerly Known as La La Land

Best Film Editing

Arrival, Joe Walker

Hacksaw Ridge, John Gilbert

Hell or Water, Jake Roberts

La La Land, Tom Cross

Moonlight, Nat Sanders and Joi McMillon

Who we want to win

Georgia: Hacksaw Ridge. It was put together very well. The enhanced visuals and the cuts were beautiful.

Marisa: Let’s go for Arrival.

Jonny: La La Land is beautiful and should win.

Matt: La La Land. I think it will take the majority of the technical categories.

Rebekah: *shrug*

Who we think will win

Georgia: Hacksaw Ridge again. The film won Best Editing at the BAFTAs. I think the Academy is going to give this one to Hacksaw Ridge.

Jonny: Chalk another one up for La La Land.

Matt: La La Land.

Rebekah: *shrugs again*

Best Animated Feature Film

Kubo and the Two Strings


My Life as a Zucchini

The Red Turtle


Who we want to win

Georgia: Moana! I am a sucker for Disney princess movies.

Marisa: Kubo and the Two Strings. There were a lot of hidden themes that I believe children could have picked up on. Unlike Zootopia, which was soooo obvious with what it tried to do.

Jonny: I want Sausage Party to win, but unfortunately, it’s not nominated. I guess I’ll take Zootopia, even though it’s a very average film. I’m just thankful Finding Dory isn’t here because it was terrible.

Matt: I guess Zootopia?

Rebekah: MOANA. I exclaimed this in the theater but I’m so happy that this was a movie with a Disney princess that didn’t have a love interest. GIRLS ARE STRONG. PERIOD.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Kubo and the Two Strings. There has been a lot of noteworthy buzz surrounding the movie.

Marisa: As long as it’s not Zootopia, I don’t care.

Jonny: Zootopia takes it.

Matt: Let’s go with Zootopia. Or Kubo and the Two Strings. Who knows?

Rebekah: Moana.

Original Screenplay

Hell or High Water

La La Land

The Lobster

Manchester by the Sea

20th Century Women

Who we want to win

Georgia: This is my absolute favorite category. It is impressive when a person can take an idea, put it on paper and see it through to the big screen. I want La La Land to win this one so bad. It is so cool Chazelle wrote his own musical, but Manchester by the Sea is another good choice.


Jonny: Damien Chazelle wrote his own musical. If La La Land doesn’t win, it’s a damn shame.

Matt: Have I mentioned I liked Manchester by the Sea?

Rebekah: ^Same. We saw it together. *heart emoji*

Who we think will win

Georgia: La La Land. I will be surprised if it doesn’t win.

Marisa: CHAZELLE x2

Jonny: Thankfully, he will. Chazelle takes it.

Matt: Chazelle will take it. The only film I see upsetting it will be Manchester.

Rebekah: La La Land. A beautiful musical meant for the silver screen.

Adapted Screenplay



Hidden Figures



Who we want to win

Georgia: I liked Arrival a lot. I think it should win something, so why not this one?

Marisa: Fences is a glorious adaptation from its play counterpart.

Jonny: This one’s tough. I loved Moonlight and Fences. It’s really a toss-up between the two. I’ll take Moonlight.

Matt: Moonlight. While I liked Fences, I don’t think it was “adapted” enough to win. Although that screenplay must have been HUGE given how many lines Denzel had.

Rebekah: I didn’t know Fences was a play before I saw it (apologies) but within the first five minutes, I was Googling it to see if it was. I would have given my left arm to see the cast perform it in a live-theater setting. But, as Matt said, it wasn’t really adapted. So, I’m going Moonlight.

Who we think will win

Georgia: It is super hard to choose the winner of this category, especially because all of these films, for good reason, are nominated for Best Picture. I think Moonlight is the frontrunner, but not by much. This one is a toss-up and could go to pretty much any of them.

Jonny: Moonlight.

Matt: Moonlight will probably snag this one. But Fences is a close second.

Rebekah: Moonlight.

Costume Design


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Florence Foster Jenkins


La La Land

Who we want to win

Georgia: I loved the style in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I’m also a Harry Potter nerd, so I really want to support the series.

Marisa: La La Land’s costumes are purposeful in its theme, which equals color and more color. All I can think of is Mia and her roommates strutting down the street with their green, red and yellow dresses.

Jonny: One of the reasons La La Land works is because it has STYLE. That old Hollywood, art deco elegance is dazzling.

Matt: Jackie was a beaut.

Rebekah: Agreed with Marisa. But the Jackie costumes were stunning.

Who we think will win

Georgia: It’s between La La Land and Jackie. Jackie Kennedy’s iconic look was brought to the big screen, but the costumes in La La Land were beautiful and great additions to the colorful sets. I hope it’s La La Land, but Jackie could definitely win.

Marisa: La La Land for my same reason above.

Jonny: I think it’ll be La La Land, but watch out for Jackie.

Matt: Given that Jackie Kennedy Onassis was such a fashion icon, and Jackie did such a great job showing that great style, it will take the win.

Rebekah: I think Jackie.

Makeup and Hairstyling

A Man Called Ove

Star Trek Beyond

Suicide Squad

Who we want to win

Georgia: A Man Called Ove just because I loved the film. It was so heartbreaking.

Marisa: Why isn’t there another Mad Max to sweep these categories?

Jonny: Uhh... Star Trek I guess? I just can’t imagine hearing “the Academy Award-winning film Suicide Squad.”

Matt: Suicide Squad. I think it’d be funny to see that IMDB page with a Metacritic score of 40 and a “Won one Oscar”

Rebekah: I want Suicide Squad so that all the people who dressed up as Harley Quinn for Halloween can be like, “I was an Oscar winner for Halloween in 2016.” I think that’d be funny.

Who we think will win

Georgia: Suicide Squad. I think they are going to throw a bone to the movie.

Marisa: Lol at that Suicide Squad nod. Go Marvel.

Jonny: Star Trek. Why not?

Matt: Star Trek. I don’t know if the Academy has it in them to award the disaster that was Suicide Squad any true recognition.

Rebekah: Suicide Squad. It was impressive.

Original Song

“Audition” from La La Land

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” from Trolls

“City of Stars” from La La Land

“The Empty Chair” from Jim: The James Foley Story

“How Far I’ll Go” from Moana

Who we want to win

Georgia: I can listen to “How Far I’ll Go” on repeat all day, every day. Plus, I really want Lin Manuel-Miranda to become the youngest person to have the EGOT honor.

Marisa: Sorry Lin. Gotta give it to Chazelle for “Audition.” It’s what convinced me Emma Stone is a great singer. It’s her strongest performance.

Jonny: *Whistles the beginning of “City of Stars.”*

Matt: “City of Stars.” I could listen to it on repeat. And I have.

Rebekah: I LOVE “How Far I’ll Go” so dearly. I want it to win. And I apologize to my roommates about belting it out while showering.

Who we think will win

Georgia: “City of Stars” is going to win. It was such a central theme to La La Land, and it was one of the most beautiful things in the movie. I still have hope for “How Far I’ll Go.”

Marisa: It’ll probs go to “City of Stars.” However, we’ll see if we have an upset like last year. (Talking to you Academy, who snubbed Lady Gaga.)

Jonny: I love Justin Timberlake more than I love myself, but it’ll be “City of Stars.”

Matt: “City of Stars.”

Rebekah: “City of Stars.”

Visual Effects

Deepwater Horizon

Doctor Strange

The Jungle Book

Kubo and the Two Strings

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Who we want to win

Georgia: Jonny must really love whistling. The Jungle Book. The visuals were absolutely phenomenal.

Marisa: The Jungle Book, because everything about that movie was wonderful except for Christopher Walken “sing-talking”

Jonny: *Whistles the Star Wars theme*

Matt: The Jungle Book could have been a visual disaster, but was a big success.

Rebekah: Jungle Book.

Who we think will win

Georgia: The Jungle Book.

Marisa: Jungle Book. Sorry, Star Wars.

Jonny: “Mr. Unpopular Opinion” doesn’t personally like the visual effects in The Jungle Book, but he thinks it’ll probably win.

Matt: The Jungle Book.

Rebekah: Jungle Book. And on that note, g’bye folks!

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