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TV Review: Why Nick gave the wrong woman a rose on the finale of ‘The Bachelor’

The finale of The Bachelor is the most highly anticipated episode for Bachelor nation. People have been making their brackets all year and invite their friends to theme parties filled with rose-themed snacks and plenty of wine. However, the extravagant parties were a waste of time, because Nick manages to have the most boring final episode of The Bachelor in the show's history. The biggest shock: the woman he picked to be his future wife. And for most, it's an unwelcome pick.

Despite Raven and Nick having the most solid relationship of the season — except maybe Corinne, honestly — he ends up picking Vanessa. Yes, the woman who only cries and threatens to break up with Nick every second she gets. It seems like Nick doesn’t even want to have an actual wife. He probably picks Vanessa because she will break up with him after their first fight and he can head back to Bachelor in Paradise. Let’s break down what happened during the March 13 episode that led to Nick giving out the final rose to the wrong woman.

Nick’s decisions were sporadic

All season, Nick sent home women on a whim. Every episode, he just gave out roses and sent women home without even thinking about his decisions. Once he had a trickle of doubt about a woman, he would send them home rather than trying to actually talk to them. It’s like if a woman looked at him the wrong way, she was booted from the mansion.

Let’s face it: He sent Rachel home for some reason. She was the obvious front runner all season and Nick even admitted last week that he was falling for her “100 percent." Even though she should have won, at least she didn’t have to be stuck with a snooze-bag like Nick who doesn’t even know what he wants. It was a blessing in disguise.

He didn't get to know the women

Nick had the most boring dates of any Bachelor. He barely did anything fun with the contestants and would pretend to have deep conversations about life but would actually talk about nothing. He was so concerned about getting rejected that he barely gave himself time to know each woman. Nick and Vanessa have barely had a real connection on the show, so who knows how this relationship is going to play out. He will have more chemistry with his dance partner on Dancing with the Stars than he does with his fiance.

Nick doesn’t know what he wants

Nick had several temper tantrums throughout the season about whether or not he was even in love with any of the women. He constantly made dramatic statements about leaving the show. It totally stemmed from his own insecurity from past rejection, and he did not give himself time to figure out what he wants. Maybe someone like Vanessa, who is controlling and knows what she wants, is good for him because she can whip him into shape. Let’s hope, for Vanessa’s sake.

Nick’s not being practical

Nick and Vanessa have not even talked about where they are going to live by the time he proposes to her on the final Rose. I mean it’s not like they live and work a couple hours away — Vanessa lives in Canada.

She is also obviously concerned during the finale that Nick is only picking her because he likes the relationship better. Something is not “sitting right” with her during the finale and she even admits she is not “100 percent” sure she can be engaged at the end of it. Those feelings change when Nick gets down on one knee, or at least it seems so. Maybe Vanessa is just feels obligated to say yes. Either way, let’s hope Nick can grow up and Vanessa can chill out for this relationship to ever work out.

He kept giving Raven positive signals

The entire finale, it seems like Raven is the one. He gives her so much affirmation and fans were so sure it was her. Vanessa also keeps acting like she is going to jump ship and say no because she doesn’t like the fact that Raven is in the picture. Has this woman ever even seen the show? Like, she must have submitted her application without knowing what she was getting herself into. Many fans on Twitter were sure Nick made a huge mistake sending Raven home. Check out some of their reactions here:

Everyone’s fingers are crossed that Vanessa and Nick somehow end up working out and that Raven finds true love on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. Oh, and they also hope Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette is a million times more exciting than Nick’s season because fans deserve that after putting up with season 21 of The Bachelor.


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