For this year’s Ohio University Student Senate election, The Post endorses the Green Light ticket, composed of Landen Lama for president, Nicole Schneider for vice president and Zachary Woods for treasurer. With incoming OU President Duane Nellis and several administrative changes sure to take place on campus, they seem well-equipped to communicate with the new administration on the wants and needs of the student body.

We will say that the Green Light’s goals are lofty, if not sometimes hard to accomplish in the short timeframe they’ll be allotted leading senate. Still, they’re admirable aims and certainly well-researched (the ticket met with several groups on campus to determine their goals, and it shows in their initiative list on their website). It also seems that their idea of establishing a 24/7 bus loop system on campus — which would certainly address some safety concerns among those walking home late at night — is feasible, based on the conversations they’ve held with transportation services.

In an interview with The Post, Green Light explained that their goals would be prioritized like the colors on a stoplight: green for new initiatives, of which there are several, yellow for platform points that need further research and red for initiatives that need to be redone quickly. The ticket also plans to reveal due dates for all of its initiatives to ensure they’re actionable goals. We would highly suggest they do that and ensure those benchmarks are published on their website or social media accounts, and we admire their aim to be as accountable as possible.


The candidates discussed having senate members more involved in Student Affairs discussions to ensure cultural competency classes are carried out, in addition to diversity training for SAC-funded organizations.

However, the Voice and Fight tickets both explained initiatives while speaking with The Post that worth addressing. For example, such initiatives include communicating with activist populations more frequently on campus (Voice) and having more senate-sponsored events to increase the involvement of those who aren’t frequently involved (Fight.) All tickets should find some way to hear one another out before settling in too cozily in the Student Senate office — after all, conflict is a frequent theme among students.

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