There is something about seeing animals in what are normally human situations that has never grown old for me. It’s comforting, even if it’s anthropomorphizing on my part, to see even a prairie dog looking utterly bored, confused or complacent. We’ve all been there, bud.

That’s exactly what you’ll see in this week’s Pet Instagram Review. Hugo (@hugo_prairiedogs) is a prairie dog with roughly 31,000 followers. He’s from Thailand and most of his posts either have no caption or a single emoji as a caption. What results is an absurd experience conveniently located right in your Instagram feed.

Quality of pictures

Most of the pictures seem to be taken on a phone, but there are some studio-esque shots that could have been taken on a nicer camera.

But Hugo’s wardrobe is where he really shines. With tiny polo shirts to robes that look straight out of Star Wars, this is one stylish prairie dog. That’s arguably what makes the account so enjoyable — you’ll be scrolling down your feed and will suddenly be greeted with the image of a dressed up Hugo in the back seat of a car or sitting in a pile of oranges, and you’ll be provided no context or other information. All you can do is enjoy the ride and wonder what will happen next.

Rate of posts

You’ll most likely see up to three or four posts per day from this account. Many of them are from the same photo shoot, but without captions, you get more of a visual narration than a literary one. It’s a peek into the otherwise unexplained life of this lone prairie dog.

Cuteness of pet

Hugo is both cute and hilarious-looking and seems like a pretty chill friend to have. He just goes with the flow, and in many of the pictures he gives off a sedated and calm vibe. This is the type of pet you can bring out with you to wow your friends and strangers alike. He’s very plump and fluffy, which is the perfect combo for any furry friend.

Rating: 4/5
The simplicity of this account is part of the reason it has never gotten old for me. Plenty of other pet pages try to make money by advertising with their pet, but this one wastes no time with words. Who needs them anyway? Just look at Hugo wearing a biker jacket — that should be enough.


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