If you’ve ever taken a stroll down Court Street, you’ve probably noticed something fluffy and orange in the window of the Board of Elections.

That fluffy thing is Pumpkin, the town’s favorite cat and unofficial mascot of the board. He’s generally very friendly, and he might even come say hello if you stop in to see him. However, what you might not know is that Pumpkin has an Instagram account. Pumpkin (@pumpkinathens) has just over 250 followers, but he deserves more.


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Quality of Pictures

These pictures are pretty much all taken on a phone, which is OK because I wouldn’t expect the board employees to be carrying a camera to work every day (Pumpkin lives in the board building, 15 S. Court St.). However, even though the pictures are not the greatest quality, they are very cute and the captions are written in the voice of Pumpkin. His distinct look includes his dopey but adorable face and his larger-than-average paws. Some of the posts have no captions at all, which leaves you to simply wonder what may have been going through the orange cat’s head.

Rate of Posts

This is the sad part of the account — it hasn’t posted since December 2015. It’s hard enough now that Pumpkin spends most of his time away from the window of the board, but now we can’t even see updates of his life on Instagram. Athens County Board of Elections, if any of you are reading this, I would happily run Pumpkin’s social media account, pictures and all. In the meantime, we can only wonder what went wrong.


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Cuteness of Pet

Pumpkin is adorable, and anyone who has tried to get his attention while walking by can attest to that. Even when he drools on your lap you can’t help but fall in love with the slightly chubby orange guy. We are all blessed to have such a lovely being in our presence.

Rating: 3/5

Because this account hasn’t posted in more than a year, I had to ding off some points. However, this is not a reflection of my feelings toward the cat himself. Pumpkin is flawless and I have nothing negative to say about him. My offer to run the account stands.



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