The Bachelorette always has its fair share of drama, but Rachel Lindsay is unfortunate to have it start early on in her season. In the Monday, May 29 episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel found out that one of her suitors has a girlfriend, which led Rachel to send someone home before the rose ceremony. Here is what happened in the episode:

Help from a celebrity power couple

For the first group date, Rachel enlists the help of a Hollywood power couple — Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. When they heard Rachel was going to be the next Bachelorette, they called the producers and asked to be on the show.

Kutcher even goes as far to say “I don’t think Rachel’s guy is in this group.”

Kunis assures him that it is too early to have said that, but Kutcher said he knew from the first moment. Kunis assured Kutcher he would get some action in the bedroom for his sweet comment. True relationship goals.

Daddy day care obstacle course

Kunis and Kutcher are there to judge an obstacle course that put the men through tasks involving a baby doll and household chores. The men had to change a diaper, put the doll in a bjorn, vacuum, unclog drains then deliver flowers to Rachel all while carrying the baby.

The challenge seemed to be in Kenny’s wheelhouse because he has a daughter of his own, but Whaboom Dude Lucas stiff arms him at the flower station and wins the challenge. Though he didn’t get a special prize, Rachel showed a particular interest in the lengths he went to win.

Blake is about to whaboom Lucas out of the house

Blake E.’s feelings toward Lucas have not changed since the first night, but he does reveal why he has his strong opinions. Blake tells Rachel he doesn’t think Lucas is here for the right reasons, and he has a reliable source — an ex-girlfriend who Blake lives with at the moment.

Honestly, Blake, you’re looking like the bad guy here. It’s going to be interesting to see how this pans out in the future.

Rachel has the eyes for Dean

After the group date, Rachel struggled to have meaningful and flirty conversations with the men. But when Dean talks to her, the conversation flows nicely and the two of them seem to really hit it off.

“I could stare into those blue eyes all night,” Rachel said of Dean.

Based on the conversation they had, it’s no surprise when the group date rose goes to Dean. After he accepted the rose, he walked rachel out to her car. Before she leaves, he ended the night with a long kiss.

“It was sweet, it was sensual, it was passionate and it was genuine,” Rachel said. The two seem to have a real connection already.

A four-legged friend joins Peter on the first one-on-one

Peter is fortunate enough to get the first one-on-one date, but Rachel told him a friend of hers got in an accident will be joining them. A black car pulled up and out hopped her dog, Copper, who had one leg in a cast. If there was one thing that could make The Bachelorette better, it’s dogs.

The three of them headed to Palm Springs to Bark Fest — essentially a pool party for dogs and their owners. Rachel loved the attention Peter gave Copper.

“He’s just so dreamy,” Rachel said. “Right now Peter is just blowing my mind.”

At dinner, Rachel asked Peter why he was still single because that is something she gets asked all of the time. He told her he had some bad breakups and didn’t fully heal until he saw a therapist. After Rachel got out of a long-term relationship, she said she also went to a therapist. Rachel is a little taken aback by how much her and Peter have in common, but she gives him the rose and the two share their first kiss.

“It just feels so good,” Rachel said. “I am such a smitten kitten for Peter.”

Another celeb appearance?!

For the second group date, some of the men play basketball and get some help from a legend — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Abdul-Jabbar did not just give basketball tips, he also had some advice on love.

“You have to be able to excel as an individual and as a teammate,” which he said translates to relationships.

After the men do some drills, they are told they will play in a game with bleacher full of people watching them. The men are terrible at basketball. The only one who does well is DeMario, and Rachel noticed. She said she was into his confidence, but it doesn’t last long.

One of the contestants has a girlfriend

When the game ended, Rachel talked to fans in the gymnasium — including a girl named Lexi, who said DeMario was her boyfriend. Uh oh. This cannot be good. Lexie said DeMario stopped talking to her for three days and then she saw him on After the Final Rose.

Rachel goes to the locker room and asked to talk to DeMario. He thought she was giving him some extra one-on-one time, but really she wanted him to talk to Lexie. He came out, saw Lexie and asked who it was. Then he proceeded to tell Rachel they had an on-again, off-again relationship and that he ended it in person. Lexie said that was not true and gave Rachel her phone to look at text messages. Rachel is not happy, and sends DeMario on his way.

“I’m going to need you to get the f**k out,” Rachel said. DeMario seemed like a good guy, but he played everyone. At least this happened in week two and not week five.

The guys step up after one man unexpectedly goes home

At the group date after party, all of the men made an effort to make sure Rachel was all right. The one person who stood out to her, though, was Josiah. He was protective of Rachel and wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to her again. For that reason, she gave him the group date rose.

The return of DeMario

At the cocktail party, the men were all enjoying their time when DeMario reappeared and wanted to talk to Rachel. Security was called and Chris Harrison talked to him. Chris ultimately left the decision to Rachel.

Rachel was in the middle of talking to Fred when Chris approached her. Lee went out to see what was happening and the two overheard that DeMario was outside the house. They went in the house and told the other men the situation. All of the men walked to the front of the house to see Rachel talking to DeMario.

“Let’s all step up and get him the hell out of here,” one of the men shouted. And all of Bachelor Nation will have to wait to see what happens.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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