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Rachel Lindsay said goodbye to a total of six men during Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette. (Photo via @bacheloretteabc on Instagram) 

TV Review: Rachel sent a crazy number of men home on 'The Bachelorette'

Rachel was channeling her inner Beyonce on Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette because she could not stop saying “Boy, bye!” 

No, seriously, she sent home a whopping total of six dudes in one two-hour episode. At least the leading lady knows what she doesn’t want and isn’t afraid to let her potential suitors know. Here’s the complete breakdown of every man Rachel sent home on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC dating show.

1. Kenny gave Lee a heartfelt goodbye — not!

Kenny and Lee would not stop being overly dramatic, even during their intense two-on-one. Rachel, thankfully, made the decision to send Lee home because she couldn’t trust him. You would think Kenny would want to jump onto that helicopter with Rachel and never look back at his nemesis of the show. However, he decided to keep talking smack right up to the end, and Rachel was not pleased.

“This is so stupid. I feel stupid,” Rachel said. “I’m so annoyed by this.” Kenny needs to watch himself, because no one is safe on Rachel’s season!

2. Josiah got bitter and dissed Rachel

Josiah was absolutely positive he was going to get a rose. Many men in the house were even commenting on his confidence with Rachel.

“I don’t count you out for a minute,” Matt reassured his friend. However, he did not get a rose — and he was floored.

“Woman, you have some poor judgement,” he said.

If Josiah thought he ever had a slight chance with Rachel after that, he completely blew it.

3. Anthony was civil, but his fans were not

Anthony didn’t try to make a really dramatic exit when he was sent home, but many viewers were shocked that he got the boot over some more low-key contestants. He seemed like a pretty nice guy and the two seemed to click on their one-on-one a couple weeks ago, but it wasn’t enough for the Bachelorette. Check out how some viewers reacted to him leaving the show.

4. Kenny got emotional about his daughter and made a drastic decision

Kenny had been away from his daughter for weeks, and it was really starting to take a toll on him. He even cried on FaceTime to her, but she assured her dad he “deserved to be happy.”

However, it all became too much for Kenny and he brought up his doubts to Rachel. She kept it real with him and suggested he go home to his daughter because she cannot be 100 percent sure. It was all very civil, and honestly made them seem more perfect for each other than ever.

“This is a bittersweet end,” Kenny said. “I feel like I just fell in love with her right then and there.” Heartbreaking.

5. Will’s distance got him packing his bag

Will finally got a one-on-one with Rachel, and he kind of blew it. She took him to Sweden and on a romantic dinner in Copenhagen, and he looked like he was struggling to even hold her hand. The lack of intimacy was a problem for Rachel, especially when the two got to talking about past relationships. Will talked about how he was really physically intimate in all of his previous relationships, and Rachel was confused. She sent him home right from dinner because she doesn’t play around.

“I just didn’t feel like you wanted me,” Rachel said.

6. Alex got the last emotional goodbye

The amount of goodbyes Rachel had to say that week was clearly catching up to her, and she was distressed going into the final rose ceremony. Once she started talking, she had to excuse herself because she was starting to break down and cry.

“To the man I have to say goodbye to tonight, this is honestly the hardest goodbye,” she said before handing out the roses.

Ultimately, the last man to be sent home was Alex, which was another shocker. With only six men left, it’ll be interesting to see how next week goes with Rachel’s unusual pack of men. But all Bachelor Nation fans can probably agree — at least she’s more up front than Nick Viall.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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