Kid Rock is running for Senate. Well, maybe. No one is actually sure, but he promised an announcement "in the near future" on Twitter.

Kid Rock, whose legal name is Robert James Ritchie, has not filed any of the appropriate paperwork to run for Senate with the Federal Election Commission under either name as of late Wednesday. If this campaign is real — and it might not be, seeing how the campaign site he tweeted out links back to his official Warner Brother Records website — he would challenge Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan. The website boasts slogans such as "In Rock We Trust" and "Pimp of the Nation." It also features hats, shirts and bumper stickers promoting the alleged campaign for supporters to purchase. 

Understandably, the internet lost its mind over the potential for the man who sings hits such as "All Summer Long" to represent Michigan for a six-year Senate term.

Sheryl Crow has not commented on the situation at this time.


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