When walking around campus for the first time, new students can be confused when eavesdropping on their fellow Bobcats. We practically have a language of our own when it comes to talking about people around campus, spots uptown and more. Who is “JHJ?” Where is “C-Side?” We got you covered with this list.

1.The ARC
If you reside on East or South Green, or you just stay far away from all things math and science, the ARC is a mystery. The ARC stand for the Academic Research Center, and you can find it on West Green. You can also find a lot of engineering students heading there, as many of their classes are held there. 

2. An aquarium
You won’t find fish swimming around in the aquariums OU students are talking about. At The Pub, 39 N Court Street, you can order an aquarium of beer, which is essentially a large round goblet for your brew. 

3. Boyd
If you have been on campus for three years or longer, you don’t need an explanation. Before the District on West Green became the District on West Green, it was Boyd Dining Hall, and, for many, that original name has always stuck.  

4. BP
Although the gas station on Court Street changed over from a BP to a Valero this past summer, you still find many bobcats making plans to “meet at the BP” before a night out. 

5. Chicken and Waffles
If you’re looking for a late-night food run on Union Street, you won’t hear people talking about Uptown Grill. Instead, everyone calls the little shack chicken and waffles because of the establishment’s savory snack.

6. The College Inn
Ever wonder what The C.I. stand for? Well now you know. If want a room to sleep you’re out of luck, but you can get yourself a pitcher of Blue Moon. 

7. C-Side
You can usually hear this followed by “slice night.” C-Side is shorthand for Courtside Pizza, a bar and pizza shop located at 85 N Court Street. If you swing by there Wednesday night, you’ll probably find students lined up for 50 cent slices of cheese pizza.

8. Dirty South
Start making your way past the “Front Four,” and you’ll stumble upon the mod-style buildings commonly referred to as “Dirty South.” 

9. Front four
South Green can be recognized by those “front four” buildings: Brown, Crawford, McKinnon and Pickering. 

10. JHJ
You’ve met her at orientation. You’ve seen her golf-carting around campus. These three initials stand for our very own dean of students: Jenny Hall-Jones. 

11. Liquor Pitchers
This phrase it a little more self explanatory. If you, go to Lucky’s Sports Tavern, 11 N Court Street, or Pawpurrs, 37 N Court Street, and ask for a liquor pitcher. You’ll get a mixed drink, but instead of getting a glass back, you’ll get a pitcher full of the cocktail. 

12. Mega Mug
If a liquor pitcher had a baby brother, it would be a Mega Mug. You can find it at The Red Brick Tavern, 14 N Court Street.

13. MemAud
The Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium is a mouthful. MemAud is a much easier way to refer to the auditorium on College Green. 

14. O Zone
Looking to hang out with some fellow Bobcat fans? O Zone is the student section you can find at Bobcat sporting events. 

15. Power Hour
Swing by Jackie O’s Public House and BrewPub,  between 8 and 9 p.m. every night to drink down some of their beers for only $2.  

16. The Shack
If you need to pick up some beers without walking too far off campus, the Shack (short for Mike’s Dog Shack) could end up in your vocabulary as well. The small establishment next door to the Athena Cinema is a student favorite when they need to grab a six pack or malt beer. 

17. Shuffle
Wanna work your way from The Cat’s Den all the way up to Broney’s Alumni Grill and stop at every bar in between? Well, start shuffling!

18. The Stacks
If you’re meeting a friend to study by the stacks, get in for an elevator ride, because they’re talking about the sixth and seventh floor of Alden Library. 

19. The Stain
This term is a bit spookier than the rest. There is a tale of a stain supposedly left from a dead body left at The Ridges you can hear OU students conspire about.

20. Stal
You can hear the regulars at at The Crystal, 34 N Court Street, shorten the name of their favorite bar to just the one syllable: Stal. 

21. USD
New to Athens? It won’t take long to know what these letters stand for first hand. If you're finding yourself craving cheese fries or pancakes at 4 a.m., you’re gonna end up at the 24-hour spot Union Street Diner, 70 W Union Street. 



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