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'Outlander' had several twists this week. (Photo via Outlander Facebook) 

TV Recap: Outlander shows how Jamie and Claire 'surrender' and adjust to their lives

In the second episode of the third season of Outlander, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) both “surrender” to what their new lives have in store.

The episode opened with Fergus (Romann Berrux) and the other boys of Lallybroch searching for a hidden gun, despite guns now being outlawed by the British. The British ended up making multiple stops at Lallybroch in search for “Red Jamie” or “Dun Bonnet,” both of Jamie’s nicknames. The officers made harsh threats to the entire family about the consequences of hiding Jamie. 

After Jamie was returned to his home of Lallybroch, he had taken to living in a cave to hide from the British. Both his hair and beard had grown out and he was still wearing the same clothes from years ago, showing how primal his life has become.

When Jamie brought a deer he killed back to Lallybroch, he saw Claire. He snapped out of it and Jenny (Laura Donnelly), his sister, yelled at him for scaring her. After preparing the deer, Jenny confronted Jamie about how she believed the real James Fraser hadn’t been there for a long time.

Going 200 years in the future, we see Claire imagining Jamie back in her old life. Later, she started getting into the routine of being a housewife and taking care of her infant daughter, Brianna (Niamh Elwell), showing how she was surrendering to what her new life entailed. 

Fergus showed up at Jamie’s cave with the gun he found, wanting Jamie to teach him how to properly fight for their next rebellion. Jamie was absolutely furious and tells Fergus there will be no more rebellions. Fergus claimed that Jamie is a coward and he didn’t disagree. It is clear in this moment the fire in Jamie had been put out. 

Jamie returned home to Jenny giving birth to another child. The young boys of Lallybroch saw a raven which they believed to be a messenger of death so they shot it, alarming the British soldiers near by. 

When Jamie met his new nephew, the British entered the house so Jamie had to hide with the newborn. The British ended up leaving the house but they were more suspicious of the members of Lallybroch. 

Jenny showed her concern for Jamie and how he hadn’t been with a woman in six years, but Jamie said he will never be with another ever again after Claire, showing just how heartbroken he was from his loss.

When the British were on the grounds of Lallybroch, Fergus decided to trick them into following him in circles. He antagonized them even more as they chased him. A Redcoat ended up catching Fergus and decided to cut off Fergus’ hand. 

Jamie fell down to his knees and cried after his closest thing to a child living in his time was nearly killed. Jamie’s tears were his first sign of emotion in years. He told Fergus he reminded him that Jamie had something to fight for, despite losing Claire and his unborn child. 

Claire tried to connect with Frank (Tobias Menzies), but it didn’t work. Frank believed that Claire was with Jamie in her mind when they were together. Claire was clearly still struggling to fully adjust to being married to Frank. 

When Jamie saw his family crest was destroyed by the British, he decided the only thing to get them to stop was to turn himself in. Jenny was furious with her brother’s idea of him going to prison again, but Jamie said he’s already in a prison without Claire. 

One of the servants of Lallybroch comes to the cave to bring Jamie food and cut his hair. She then claims they both need to be together because it has been so long since they both have been with another person. Jamie initially refused but ends up crying as they kissed. 

Claire enrolled in medical school after realizing she needed to be more than just a mother and to be a part of something bigger than herself. Her male classmates did not treat her with respect, but she still persisted through the class after meeting Joe Abernathy.

Jamie returned to Lallybroch to turn himself in so Jenny can get reward money. Jamie and Jenny yell at each other to make it seem real to the British, but it was clear that Jenny was serious about not being able to forgive Jamie for making her turn him in. 

In Claire’s time, she walked passed a man playing bagpipes which seemed to sadden her. She left money for him and kept walking, trying to continue on with her new life. Both Jamie and Claire surrendered themselves in different ways; Claire to moving on and Jamie to the British. 

Outlander airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on STARZ


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