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5 things to do when your friends leave for the weekend

With the academic year in full swing, students often go home for a weekend or go to another college campus to visit old friends. While getting off campus helps with those who miss friends and family, they are often leaving friends behind for the weekend. For those left on campus, when you are alone for the weekend, it can often be a boring time. Here are five ways to make your weekend alone better.

Call them, text them, FaceTime them, direct message them, etc. 

Missing your friends is the worst. Take the time to stay in touch with those who left for the weekend through all the technology that is available right at our fingertips. Whether this is through texting, Snapchat or video message, it is not hard to make it feel like friends are still here on campus with you.

Meet new people 

By this point in the year, it has been set who everyone is friends with through different classes or people that they live with. When they leave for the weekend, it is time to branch out and meet new people. It is not hard to introduce yourself and see the other people who may live in the same dorm or be taking the same classes. They might even become a longtime friend.

Treat yo' self 

Living, eating and taking classes with the same people can take a toll on your own well-being.  Focusing on school and not on yourself may give you the “college look” of being tired and wearing pajama-like clothes all the time. Take this weekend to be alone, jam out to a favorite playlist, workout, use a face mask or whatever it takes to make yourself feel good again because it is your weekend.

Get homework done 

Without any immediate social distractions, this is the perfect time to do your homework. Work ahead on future assignments and start studying for your exams you have later this week. You will be happy knowing you can relax and take it a little easier during the week.


Take this time alone to sleep. Everyone needs it after staying up late studying or just hanging out with friends. It is finally the perfect time to be able to just sleep, not set an alarm for the morning and wake up whenever your body is ready. 

Soon enough, friends will come back to campus and you will be planning out what the next weekend has to hold.


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