With the Bulldogs’ season ending Friday night, Logan Maxfield’s performance provided a glimpse into the future of Athens football. 

"(Maxfield) had a lot of good contributions he hasn’t had this year," coach Ryan Adams said. 

As Athens searched for a defensive stop late in the first quarter, Nelsonville-York attempted a quarterback option. As the quarterback scrambled to his right, he was met by an Athens defender, causing an ill-advised pitch that was dropped in the backfield. 

And as the ball spun on the ground, Logan Maxfield dove into the Buckeyes’ backfield. With his body extended, Maxfield was able to land on top of the ball, securing possession for Athens and setting the Bulldogs up with excellent field position. 

The very next play, quarterback Clay Davis fired a strike into the corner of the end zone. Extending his hands well-above his head, Maxfield was able to make the catch for a touchdown. The touchdown brought the Bulldogs within a score of the Buckeyes. 

“We’ve seen some of that last year,” Adams said. “When (Maxfield) was a sophomore.” 

The Bulldogs’ offense played with rhythm and consistency in the first half. In particular, the vertical passing attack for the Bulldogs was on display in the first 24 minutes of the contest. Logan Maxfield was on the receiving end of a handful of stellar Clay Davis passes — finding the end zone twice. 

The Bulldogs’ biggest target, Robert Dickelman, was limited this week in practice due to an ankle injury sustained at River Valley last week. This allowed the junior wide receiver Maxfield to see extended playing time.

“Logan had to step up at practice this week and get the line share of the reps,” Adams said. “It certainly paid off in his performance tonight, especially on the offensive side.” 

Maxfield’s performance Friday night didn’t lead to a win — Athens lost 52-26. It did, however, provide hope that Athens can see success similar to this season’s in 2018. 

The Bulldogs will graduate nine seniors in the spring, opening up a handful of positions for juniors and sophomores, like Maxfield and Nate Trainer, to take the next step in their football careers.