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The exterior of Rollerbowl Lanes, 28 Palmer St. (FILE)

Rollerbowl Lanes to host its first Kegs and Eggs

With the addition of kegs and eggs, bowling just got a lot more fun.

Rollerbowl Lanes is hosting its first kegs and eggs event from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Saturday.  

The idea came about from college students who work at the Rollerbowl, manager Mike Karshner said.

“The students say that kegs and eggs is a pretty popular event,” Karshner said. “We’re hoping to fill the place if that’s the case.”

Rollerbowl will not be providing any kegs or eggs, Karshner said, because people are expected to bring their own supplies. If the turnout is pretty good, Rollerbowl will consider hosting an event similar to this once a month, he said.

“After most of the bars close, I’m expecting a lot of students to come to the lanes,” he said.  “They’ll all be looking for a place to go, so why not go to the bowling alley that also has kegs and eggs?”

Chad Quanrud, a freshman studying astrophysics, has been to a kegs and eggs event prior to Rollerbowl Lanes’.

“I was here last year visiting my brother for Sibs Weekend, and he took me to my first kegs and eggs,” Quanrud said.  “It was a blast, and I’ve been looking forward to going to (a kegs and eggs event) again this year.”

The kegs aren’t that big of a deal, but going out with friends and having a good time is probably the best part aside from the eggs, he said.

“Kegs and eggs is an awesome event here at OU, especially since my favorite breakfast food is eggs,” Quanrud said.  “I also really love bowling, so the event being hosted by the bowling alley sounds like something I’d definitely be interested in going to.”

Anya Bingman, a sophomore studying nursing, has also partaken in kegs and eggs before.  

“(Kegs and eggs) is so much fun, and I recommend that everyone does it at some point in their lifetime,” Bingman said.  “A lot of my friends get together, wear a bunch of OU apparel and just eat as many eggs as our bellies can hold.”

It’s an all-day event that begins as soon as you wake up or as soon as the sun comes out, she said. 

“Some people choose to go to a football game or any sporting event to take a break from the all-day outing,” she said.  “But I think most people, at least in my friend group, just hang out eating eggs all day.”

The most common egg served at a kegs and eggs event is probably the scrambled egg, Bingman said, but her favorite is the over-medium.

“I hadn’t heard of the Rollerbowl kegs and eggs event, but I think it sounds fun,” she said.  “I wanna go bowling, but haven’t gotten a chance yet, so this is the perfect opportunity.”

The event is open to everyone, but primarily the college students, Karshner said.  

“We’re getting the word out through all of our social media platforms, so I’m hoping it’ll be a really fun night that our customers will enjoy,” Karshner said.


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