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'Outlander' had several twists this week. (Photo via Outlander Facebook) 

TV Review: Jamie and Claire are officially back together in ‘Outlander’

In the highly-anticipated new episode of Outlander, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) got to rediscover each other after decades apart. Here are the five highlights from Sunday’s episode. 

Claire tells Jamie about Brianna 

After Jamie and Claire came down from the initial shock of seeing each other for the first time in decades, Claire pulled pictures of Brianna (Sophie Skelton) out of her pocket. Brianna had told Claire that she needed to tell Jamie about their daughter, so Claire thought it best to bring along some pictures so Jamie could really see her. Jamie was stunned at the photographs in themselves because they hadn’t been invented in his time yet, but he soon was asking Claire what their daughter was like. After looking at only one of the photos, Jamie has to take a seat because of all of the emotions rushing over him. He soon learned that he and his daughter shared many traits in their personalities and how they look. It was a touching moment between the two parents as they discussed their daughter and how much she is like Jamie despite never meeting him.

Jamie admits to Claire that he has a son

Soon after looking at the photographs of Brianna, Jamie felt the need to admit to Claire he had a son. Claire was initially a bit surprised but knew that Jamie had a life separate from hers when she left. Jamie admitted he did not love his son’s mother, reassuring Claire. It was clear Jamie was in some pain because he knew he could never claim his son, Willie, and he would most likely never be able to see him ever again. Claire showed her compassion by asking Jamie what Willie was like as a boy. She clearly felt sad for Jamie because he undoubtedly loved his son and could not see his him. 

Fergus and Claire reunite 

When Claire and Jamie are walking through the street, Jamie points out Fergus (César Domboy) to her. Fergus was basically Jamie and Claire’s adopted son years ago, so it was a heartwarming reunion. Fergus almost immediately hugged Claire, clearly overjoyed that she was not dead, which is what most people were led to believe. When Fergus asked Claire where she had been all those years, Claire was put on the spot and realized she had to make up a story. She ends up telling Fergus she went to America after the battle of Culloden, thinking Jamie was dead, which was true. Seeing Claire reunite with the boy her and Jamie took under their care decades ago. 

Claire and Jamie reconnect after 20 years apart

Jamie and Claire being intimate again was a large part of them seeing each other after so many years because of how important sex was to their relationship before. They were both extremely nervous, both admitting they were just as nervous as they were on their wedding night to be together again after so much time apart. They were also both shy about how they had aged but that didn’t matter to either of them considering how much they love each other. It was obvious that they didn’t lose a step with being together, showing that they are truly soulmates.

Claire is attacked because of Jamie’s bootlegging 

Claire finds out that along with being a printer, Jamie sells bootleg alcohol, following his trend of breaking the law on a daily basis. When Jamie left to deal with business, Claire returns to their room to find a stranger in it going through everything, trying to find something. Claire tried to get the man out of the room, but the man hit Claire across the head. Claire may be a strong woman, but she often got into sticky situations when she went through the stones the first time. It looks like Claire will be getting into more trouble and Jamie will have to be the one to rescue her.

Outlander airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays on STARZ.


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