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It's OK to go with a classic costume this Halloween. (photo via Wikimedia Commons user Sophie Barat)

Why it is okay to dress basic this Halloween

Halloween allows for creativity to flow when it comes to costumes. With the block party, it’s hard to balance having a costume that stands out with the lack of resources available to me as a student. This year, I am being a red m&m, which really is just an oversized, red shirt with a white “m” painted on the front. While slightly disappointed in myself for a lack of an elaborate costume this year, I have come to the realization that there are reasons why it is completely okay to go out in a simple costume.

I am a broke college student

Frankly, many students do not have extra money to spend on a Halloween costume that may be worn only once. I spent a small sum of $5 on a shirt and a bottle of paint to make my costume this year and it was totally worth it. 

I want comfort and versatility 

With variable weather conditions, I want to be able to make changes to my costume if necessary the night of. I can wear shorts or jeans depending on the temperature. I can also wear any shoes I want and it won’t ruin the costume. Being comfortable is my number one rule when it comes to going out, whether it is to a party or to class during the week.

Something elaborate might get ruined 

Anything can happen to this costume. It can completely be ruined by rain, spilled drinks or any party foul that might occur around me that night. I would rather have my basic costume be ruined than to have an elaborate costume that I spent time or money on be destroyed.

Everyone will understand the costume

The whole party will know exactly what I am because of the simplicity of the costume. With an elaborate or complicated outfit, not everyone might get the joke or realize what I am. I prefer for their to be an understanding of what I am instead of getting the question “What are you suppose to be?” the entire night.

No matter what anyone says, going as a known or simple costume is alright. Let the focus be on having a fun and safe HallOUween weekend instead of on a complicated costume.


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