Ohio Athletics will receive more than $20,000 its first season of beer sales at Peden Stadium for the 2017 football season.

Ohio University Spokesman Dan Pittman said AVI Foodsystems, the Ohio Athletics’ concessionaire, grossed $66,005 in beer sales.

Of that total, Ohio Athletics will receive $23,101. That money comes from its contract with AVI for the revenue the company receives from beer sales each season.

The money the athletic department receives will be put into the General Athletics Fund, which funds athletic scholarships, team travel and other parts of the athletic department.

It was announced in August that Peden Stadium would begin selling beer during home football games. OU joined a handful of other colleges in Ohio, including Bowling Green State University and the University of Akron, that sell beer in their stadiums.

The beer is sold stadium-wide, and costs $7 for domestic beers and $8 for Jackie O's beers. Rows 14-27 of section 110 at the northwest side of the stadium are the only part of the stadium that is alcohol-free. Beer is also not sold in the concession stands of the student end of the field.

Students have expressed their excitement for the new changes.

“I love it,” John Iskander, a sophomore studying nursing, said. “I’ve only had one since it started this year though.”

Other students have mixed opinions about the beer sales. Derek Eberle, a sophomore studying business, said he loves the option to buy beer at the stadium but doesn’t like how expensive it is.

“If it was cheaper, it would be better,” Eberle said.



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