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'Outlander' had several twists this week. (Photo via Outlander Facebook) 

TV Review: A prophecy is revealed on ‘Outlander’

Ghosts of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) pasts returned to them as they searched for Young Ian (John Bell) in Jamaica on Outlander this week. Here are the top six moments from this week’s episode.

Geillis Duncan lived

The first time Claire traveled through the stones, she befriended Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) who shared her interest in herbs. Fans learned in the first season that Geillis traveled through the same stones Claire did, but on purpose. It was a huge shock to see Geillis was alive because she was convicted of being a witch in the first season of the show. She had some help from her lover, Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish) and escaped imprisonment before she was going to be burned at the stake. Seeing the eccentric character was surprising for both viewers and Claire who could tell she was up to something. 

Geillis has Young Ian

After Young Ian was brought to Jamaica, he was brought to someone known as “the Bakra," which turned out to be Geillis. Geillis took special interest in Young Ian because the treasure he was going to take from Silkies’ Island was hers and an important gem was missing. After Geillis gave Young Ian some kind of potion with a truth-telling serum, Young Ian revealed Jamie knew about the treasure as well. During the scene with Geillis and Young Ian, it became clear that Geillis had dipped her toes into witchcraft even more so than she had before. The missing gemstone was important to her because it was the only way her fortune teller, Margaret Campbell (Alison Pargeter) would be able to reveal when the next Scottish king would sit on the throne.

Claire and Jamie land in Jamaica

Immediately after landing in Jamaica, Jamie and Claire start devising a plan to search the island for Young Ian. After learning that the same slaves on the ship that Young Ian was on, the Bruja, were bought by the Governor of the island, Jamie and Claire decide to go to the Governor’s ball to find out more. While getting more information, Jamie and Claire walk into a slave trade where Claire gets upset after a slave was being tormented and ended up starting a brawl. In order to calm the situation, Jamie purchased the man in Claire’s name which she was also uncomfortable with. The two planned to have the man help them get information about Young Ian then let him go free. 

Lord John Grey is in Jamaica

While in line to greet the governor of the island, Jamie realised it was Lord John Grey, his old friend and the man who oversaw the prison he was in after Culloden. Lord John was happy to see Jamie but seemed almost disappointed to see Claire because he had feelings for Jamie. When Lord John took Claire and Jamie to his office, he offered to help find their nephew. During their conversation, Jamie noticed Lord John had kept the sapphire — Geillis’ missing gem — from the treasure he had given to Lord John after swimming to Silkie’s Island the first time. 

The prophecy is revealed

Geillis realized Lord John had her missing sapphire while her fortune teller was giving people readings at the governor’s ball and insisted Lord John have his fortune told. Geillis was actually having her fortune teller use the sapphire to recite the prophecy. It was revealed that a Scottish king would only sit on the throne after a child that was 200 years old on the day of its birth, dies. This clearly seemed impossible, but Jamie and Claire’s daughter, Brianna, was conceived in the 18th century but born in the 20th century. 

Jamie gets arrested

Claire and Jamie’s time at the governor’s ball gets interrupted when Fergus (César Domboy)  told Jamie Captain Leonard was there and ready to arrest Jamie. When Jamie and Claire were on their way to Geillis’ home after learning Young Ian was there, they were stopped. Captain Leonard and his crew detained Jamie and he was arrested for murder of an English exciseman and for printing seditious pamphlets. Claire wanted Jamie to be let go because of how much she helped Captain Leonard keep his crew alive but he didn’t care. While being hauled away, Jamie told Claire she had to go and find Young Ian without him. 

Outlander airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays on STARZ.


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