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'Small Doses with Amanda Seales' is a must-listen to podcast. (photo via @amandaseales Twitter)

Take the time to listen to 'Small Doses with Amanda Seales'

Amanda Seales, comedian and actress on the hit series Insecure, recently decided to create a podcast called Small Doses with Amanda Seales. The first episode of her podcast focused on insecurities and the side effects of it. Seales highlights how the insecurities people have within themselves can affect their relationships. It was a great way to kick off to her podcast because everyone faces insecurities. The podcast allows the listener to do some self-reflection and ask themself questions that make them uncomfortable. Any man or woman who wants to take control of their life, face their insecurities and laugh should check out Small Doses and here’s why.  

  1. Everyone can relate to her

Seales keeps it real with herself and her listeners. She didn’t just give advice on how to overcome insecurities, she also let her listeners in on what she’s insecure about and how she still fights with those insecurities. She’s like a favorite auntie or best friend. She genuinely wants to see everyone do their best, but also give necessary criticism. 

2. She asks tough questions 

She not only asks what someone’s insecurities are, but she also tells them to pause the podcast and ask themself why they are insecure about things. She forces a person to do the self-reflection that everyone needs to take the time to do, but might avoid for reasons like fear and time. 

3. There is a thin line between arrogance and confidence  

Arrogance is when someone has to prove that they acquire skills, and confidence is being happy in demonstrating those skills but not in a condescending manner. Seales touches on this important topic because most tend to get them confused. 

Take the time to listen to Small Doses with Amanda Seales when doing everyday activities that might not require all of your attention to help move forward in the new year.

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