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Here are 5 tips to try to rebound from your broken New Years resolution. (photo via Wikimedia Commons User Tulane Public Relations) 

Already broke your New Year’s resolution? Here are 5 tips to try again

Making a New Year’s resolution can be exciting, but hardly anyone keeps their New Year’s resolutions the first few weeks, let alone the entire year. Here are a few ideas on what to do if you have already broken your New Year’s resolution.

Set a more realistic goal

Setting goals that are too high won’t work out. For example, going to the gym everyday is not going to happen with how busy things can get. Try shooting for something more attainable, like going to the gym two or three times a week. This means you can decide what days you are less busy and get in a workout. 

Set a measurable goal

Simply saying that you are going to drink more water instead of pop probably isn’t going to help you stick to your goal. Instead, determining how many glasses of water you will drink a day will help immensely. It will also help you see results which will help you continue with your resolution. You can even get an app like this plant one to help you track how much water you need a day. 

Don’t be afraid to restart

New Year’s isn’t the only time a person can set a goal or have a new resolution. A lot of people think if they’ve already broken their resolution, they shouldn’t hop back on the wagon. Starting at the beginning of the month can seem like the next best option, but you can start whenever. Give yourself one day to get into your mindset and start fresh the next day.

Do simple things

If you have already visited McDonald’s even though you said you wouldn’t, it’s not the end of the world. Eating a healthy meal can make you feel better. Do things that make you feel happy and healthy. That’s what resolutions are all about. 

Don’t forget to treat yourself

For example, cutting out sugar and caffeine can be hard, especially for college students. Try to stay away from sugary drinks with a bunch of caffeine for the most part, but treat yourself every once in a while. Cutting something cold turkey isn’t fun and isn’t really feasible, so if you treat yourself for being good you’ll be more likely to stick to your resolution. 


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