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Here at The Post, we’re lucky enough to have @ThePost as our Twitter handle. We didn’t have to add any extra words like Athens or news, which is super convenient. Unfortunately, the Oscar-nominated movie The Post doesn’t really benefit from our luck. Fans of the movie, which was released nationwide Jan. 12, have been confusing the film's Twitter handle @ThePostMovie with ours. As a result, we’ve been receiving numerous compliments for the great work we’ve done, which we actually haven’t. 

As the social media director, I see all of these notifications, and although I’m glad these people enjoyed the film, I feel a little bad that the person who runs the movie’s Twitter account isn’t feeling any of the love. So, to whoever that is, here are some of the best tweets that we’ve been tagged in on your behalf. Please enjoy them. 

1. This tweet from 20th Century Fox congratulating Meryl Streep on her Oscar nom

People keep tweeting at our publication instead of 'The Post' movie. 

2. Christiane Amanpour sat down with our actors, how cool!

Oh ... once again I’ve been informed that Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are not, in fact, on our staff.

3. This one from a fan who REALLY wants you to see the movie

Here’s hoping anyone who followed his advice went to the movie theater instead of our newsroom. 

4. This person thought the movie would teach President Trump a valuable lesson

5. Meryl really needed you to read this review of the movie

6. These tweets from the Elegant Edwardian Cinema in Notting Hill, England 

I mean we would love to come see the movie at your theater, but that’s a bit of a long commute.