Congratulations, you made it to Friday. Punxsutawney Phil has declared six more weeks of winter, and the snow is arriving accordingly. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and The Post staff has declared their love for significant others. If you don’t have a significant other, here’s some fun news to brighten your week. 

Girl Scout sold cookies outside marijuana dispensary

A 9-year-old Girl Scout from San Diego used what WJAC called an “awesome marketing strategy” by rolling around a wagon full of cookies outside Urban Leaf, a marijuana dispensary. Urban Leaf posted on its Instagram page, “Get some Girl Scout Cookies until 4 p.m,” encouraging their customers to come by. According to 10News, the girl’s father said the Girl Scouts had sold 300 boxes in just six hours. 

Grumpy Cat wins about $700,000

A few years ago, Tabatha Bundesen, owner of the pop culture icon “Grumpy Cat,” filed a lawsuit against Grenade Beverage Company after it used the Grumpy Cat likeness in unauthorized advertisements for its products. In January, a California jury voted in Bundesen’s favor, effectively awarding her $710,001, according to Courthouse News. 

“Grumpy Cat feels vindicated and feels the jury reached a just verdict," David Jonelis, Grumpy Cat Limited’s attorney, said.

Hungry pup starts fire 

Surveillance footage of a golden retriever in Southwick, Massachusetts, proved effective when trying to determine the cause of a kitchen stove fire. The video shows the pancake-craving pooch jumping up to the counter and eating leftover pancakes out of a pan and accidentally turning on the stove in the process. A small fire began, and smoke filled the room. Thankfully, fire department officials entered the house not too long after, putting out the fire and pulling the dog from the house, according to HuffPost


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