Siblings came to campus for Sibs Weekend to experience their first tastes of college life. This year, though, none left campus in handcuffs after a night of drinking.

Twenty-two incidents appeared on the Ohio University Police Department’s radio log. Those incidents included marijuana citations, arrests for drunken driving and citations for possession of fake IDs, but no arrests for underage drinking or public intoxication.


The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Lake Road on Friday for a report of a goat on the loose.

The caller said her neighbor’s goat was on her property and was headbutting her glass door. Deputies photographed the goat on the property, then contacted the owner, according to the sheriff’s report.

The flaming bra

The sheriff’s office dispatched deputies to a domestic dispute Friday. 

The residents told deputies that an argument had started in the home. The argument turned physical, and one person was thrown into a door and another was knocked into a window, according to a sheriff’s report.

Someone then lit a bra on fire and threw it at another “involved party.” The violence was mutual in nature, and no one pressed charges. 

Missing wheels

A sheriff’s office deputy was traveling eastbound on Route 33 on Friday when they noticed a tractor-trailer was missing the rear passenger trailer tires, according to a sheriff’s report.

The deputy stopped the semi and the driver was made aware of the missing tires. The driver asked his company to send a tow truck. 

No puppies here

A woman told the sheriff's office Saturday that she had found puppies for sale on Facebook and had paid $500 for one of the puppies shown in the photos. 

She then found out there were not puppies and the sale had been a scam, according to a sheriff’s report. The incident is under investigation, according to the sheriff’s report.

The fake party

The sheriff’s office was called to Baker Road in Albany on Saturday for a loud party complaint. The caller said kids were driving in her driveway looking for a party and drinking alcohol, according to a sheriff’s report.

When deputies arrived, they asked to speak to the parents of the household. They determined the kids were playing video games and listening to music. 

Radiator disaster 

The sheriff’s office responded to South Eighth Street in Chauncey on Thursday for a report of damage to a vehicle. 

The male said the vehicle had two bullet holes in the radiator. He said it was parked at a residence on Plum Street and when he went to move it, radiator fluid leaked out from the vehicle. 

The homeowner said he did not hear anything or see the crime occur. No evidence was found. 


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